Harvey’s First Hair Cut | March 24, 2017

first hair cut tragedy

A first hair cut is a pretty big milestone, especially around here. I’ve been talking about avoiding Harv’s first hair cut for months. Caleb has been teasing me about doing it without me and surprising me on one of the days he has Harv, for even longer. The kids have been talking about it since they know it’s a big conversation between Caleb and me, plus they think he’s got hockey hair. Well, no more my friends! As much as I feared those curly locks would disappear and I’d be forever regretting it, I’m actually loving on this big kid even more!

Seeing as it’s the middle of April and the date of the haircut was March, I’m obviously a few weeks behind and if you follow along at all, you’ve seen a few pics here and there, but the story is a good one, so read on!

// before //

before hair cut baby

I knew I wanted a kid friendly shop, because you never really know how a kiddo will react, and I’m not beyond a bribe of candy and movies. So Friday morning after dropping the big kids off at school, we took Harv to the local Kid’s Hair. It was a quiet morning when we arrived and only one little guy was in front of us, so we got lucky without an appointment. Harv was intrigued, but mostly just wandered and chatted with Caleb and me.

Although the little boy ahead of us threw a tantrum at the end, Harv was unphased. I was relieved and hopeful.

Then he sat in the chair.

Game over.

Cue the tears, the fear, the betrayal.

first hair cut tragedy

I ended up holding his hand, while kneeling, and he was bent over the chair in a death grip. It was the fastest haircut I’ve ever witnessed. Now, it wasn’t the best hair cut, but given the circumstances I was pleased with the outcome! The stylist was awesome and unphased. Caleb took pictures while the strap was still around my neck and with the grip on my hand, the camera wasn’t coming off.

The sucker was never used. The movie never watched. So much for bribery. Least we got a certificate and yes, we kept a curlilock.

I hear the second is worse. Wish Harv me luck!

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