Harvey’s First Trip to the Zoo

I decided to be adventurous and brave the weekend crowds. Usually I avoid, because I can and its great for the sanity. However, Harv has been teething like crazy & frustrated with my current lack of ability to decipher his “words”.  So, I was going insane.

We needed to escape (crowds seemed more appealing than a day at home with Harvey again) & since Harvey loves animals. Like seriously. All of them. He can bark like a dog, this funny snort like a pig, ee (??) like a monkey, and more. I’m not sure where this innate love of animals came from, but it’s certainly not me or Caleb. It was only natural that at some point he’d attend the zoo.

I was shocked when we got there and he was completely quiet the entire time. I’m still debating if he was in such awe it left him speechless or if he was meh about it all. He literally was next to (with like those 3 inch glass walls between) a giant gorilla eating lunch and he just looked at it all “been there done that, move along mama”. Say what?!


Amused or bored? What’s your vote?

The tigers seemed to intrigue him the most, maybe because they were clearly visible and the most active…?



Anyway. He wasn’t cranky, I stayed sane, and Jack had fun, which is what matters anyway. Plus it was on our summer bucket it list and since summer is winding down (3 weeks?! Ahh…) it was great to cross it off!



Plus we had dip’n’dots and everyone loves those 😉

Trying to escape pictures already.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!



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