How We Surprised Our Kids with a Trip to Florida + A Free Download

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we are lucky enough to travel across the country and visit Caleb’s Mom and Step Dad in Florida! Nancy and Dan (hi!) moved to Florida from MN last May and have made great efforts to come back fairly regularly and visit us northerners since then. However, Caleb and I knew we also wanted to get down there. We know that traveling can be hard, so splitting that, but also really? Florida is warmer and new and exciting and yes just an amazing opportunity.

Caleb and I have both been to Florida in our younger years and Carson & Ava went to Disney World with their Mom last year, so not new for any of us. But new for Jack and Harvey and none of us have been to the area they actually live in! So there’s lots of new things to do and see!

Since this is NOT a regular occurrence in our life, we knew we wanted to do something special to surprise the kids with the trip.

So HOW did we surprise our kids with a trip to Florida?!

I created pretend plane boarding passes with all the information! Yep, I designed fancy boarding passes with editable information that I made specific to our trip- location-dates-kids’ names- you name it. I put them in a sealed envelope with a little calligraphy because #letteringisfun and we gave them the envelopes after dinner last week!


I wanted the boarding passes in envelopes so they could all open them and be surprised at the same time. Carson got his open first and his eyes literally bulged out as he knew what it was! Ava was quietly excited, just like Ava style, as she pieced together the information. Jack was like what? Florida?

It didn’t take long for the buzz of excitement to occur! …. and all the questions, some good some bad, but just all figuring out what was coming. The kids are definitely excited and they are keeping their little boarding passes forever! Ha. Kids.

Do you want to surprise your kids with a trip, too?! Or maybe use them as a save the date for a destination wedding! Use the template, it’s free! It’s editable and  can be downloaded to be used with both a PC or a Mac.

free download

How have you surprised people with something exciting? Would love to hear as Caleb and I went around the block deciding!


4 thoughts on “How We Surprised Our Kids with a Trip to Florida + A Free Download

  1. How wonderful!! Creative and fun . Great job Sam ( you did a great job) with Caleb’s supervision I am sure…. love you guys;;; can’t wait to see you all in Florida. (:(:(: Grandma Nancy and Dan

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