January Goals Update


I decided to change things around this year a little and make goals for each month and a word to focus me through out the year. I’m not a resolution girl at all and I’m not really into exercising (blasphemy, I know! Wait.. does chasing a crazy toddler count? I could go pro.), and I’m also pretty sure my doctor would be concerned if I went on a diet, so I stuck with goals that were applicable and relevant to our family these days:

one//Help Caleb finish Ava’s room.

As previously mentioned there’s really only a few things to finish, and Caleb did make some progress (as in a ceiling in her closet!), but that is it. Round two set for February. Sorry love. I tried.

two//Organize finances, taxes, and make a budget.

We have everything mostly ready, just waiting a few documents still being mailed out. If it were in our complete control, I’d say this could be checked off. But since it’s not, the taxes are still not filed. Organized and ready? Yes! I don’t think that counts though.

As for the budget, nope still not on paper. Geez 0/2.

three//Prep and plan Jack’s 9th birthday party.

Check! Thankfully ha or I’d have one bummed out kiddo. We went snow tubing with a few of his buddies from school. It was low key and low stress – so, perfect! Read more here.

four//Go on a date. With Caleb of course!

Success! Two in a row! We were well overdue for a date, we’re talking almost 2+ months. The holidays get so busy and chaotic and family focused, we just never made time. Yep, I know. But we did last week and it was oh so nice! We re-hired (never really fired ha it was just a really long time) our babysitter and ran away for a dinner out. It was nice and relaxing and we got to eat without picking up food on the ground, messy hands touching our clothes, and full conversation with ZERO interruption. Ahhhmazing.

Our month was busy. If I was being honest with myself when I set my goals, I would’ve factored in the end of semester/beginning of a new one which consumed my free time and Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts which consumed Caleb’s time.


I have been doing really well with the idea of being intentional. I’ve started to slow down and really process my thoughts and actions and what I want them to convey to the people around me. I’ve made great strides in my positivity towards work, creating more time to spend with the kids, and even working hard to make sure I have free time at night to be with Caleb. With a big family heading in all sorts of directions; it’s easy to get lost in the chaos, but intentionally making time is what I want and strive for.


I also need to check in with our Holiday/Winter Bucket List. We like making our bucket list extend through the holidays since winter extends pretty much until May in MN. You think I’m kidding. I assure I am not. 3 or 4 years ago the kids had 3 snow days in May. Yep it was a rather disappointing Spring.

Anyway, there was just a few more things to check off the list!

This winter has been very mild so far, so our activities have been a little blah when it comes to outdoors. We went snow tubing for Jack’s birthday as mentioned above and the kids also took over the hill in our backyard for the few days of snow we have had. But other than that it’s been nothing.

Hot cocoa has definitely been taken advantage of though on the cold days and mornings! We never really watched many Christmas movies and I think the kids were ok with that. Sigh. They’re getting old.

All in all a wonderful holiday season and I’m holding out for more sledding and ice skating! Fingers crossed!


How was your month? Are you a goal setter? Did you crush them or maybe just scrape the surface (ahem…me!)?! If you have a system that you LOVE for your budget, I’d be all ears. Seriously. Sometimes Pinterest and Google are overwhelming!

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