Joy | Blogtember #7

It’s officially a week into Blogtember and I’ve made it this far, now just 3 more weeks to go 😉 the kids all also survived their first days of school! Look back later this week for more details and pictures!

Today’s prompt is 5 things that bring you joy. Well I could easily say my 5 people and be done, but I decided to lump them together and expand out!


one// Obviously my people. My tribe. My Family.  My number 1 fan group. They are my everything. Being Caleb’s wife and Jack and Harvey’s mom and Carson and Ava’s stepmom is a pretty awesome feeling (99.9% of the time. You can ask Caleb about the other 0.1%). I probably over share, drive you crazy, and talk way too much about them, but they are the biggest and best part of my everyday. Sure we aren’t perfect and having 4 kids is lots of work and the calendar gets really crazy. I wouldn’t change it though, not for one thing. They fulfill a huge part of my life and the joy and contentment they unknowingly give me is pretty awesome.

two// The other thing that takes up my time: teaching. I do not really consider it a job or a career, so I have yet to find a noun that connects it for me. (And yes apparently blogging teachers are really common I did not know this haha). I am so blessed to be able to continue my passion for helping young people grow, learn and find their place in the world, while still being able to do the same for my family.

Teaching online high school can be extremely challenging, not just for finding the balance of “one more email” or “sorry that was the baby in the background” (WAHM where you at?!), but because my students have come to our school as a last stop. They’ve tried everything else, we are their last hope, and if we don’t succeed they quit. Yes, they quit. That is not ok to me. Just as any other teacher, I connect with these kids and they become my own and sometimes my coworkers and I are really all they have. It’s challenging, but knowing I’m helping these young people and supporting them (even if the end result is not what I want), I’m there for them. Every. Day. And that brings me joy.

three// My faith journey. Honestly, I don’t know where to start, but I do know I’m getting to where I want and need to be for myself and my family. I do know that the further I walk and the closer I become, the happier and more trusting I am.

four// Lettering. Ok I’ll be honest, this one is a double edged sword for me. I’m type A and a slight crazy perfectionist. If my project turns out exactly how I want, my whole day is just awesome and I feel so proud of myself. I love practicing, doodling, and I’m gaining confidence in actually showing people besides the kids (although they’re usually the most honest, so maybe I need a new audience). BUT, if the picture has one little issue, day over – no joy. I do, however the end picture results, enjoy the quiet time to do something for myself so that’s always good.

Ok all the above, I consider pretty big “things” in my life right now, the next two (yes two, I cheated) are really small in comparison, but they bring me joy and can easily change my mood from bad to good and well from good to bad, too.

five// Coffee and a clean house. If the coffee is Starbucks and delivered by the sweet man of mine and the kids help with the house, then bring on the good mood vibes! Yes, I am a coffee snob. I was a barista at Starbucks for 5 years. I know what I like. #sorrynotsorry


My heart is full and I’m so blessed all around. What brings you joy? Where do you find it when you most need it?








psst… these are NOT in any specific order either!

*featured image from Chelsee!


6 thoughts on “Joy | Blogtember #7

  1. I love the ones you came up with! I love teaching as well and when I was working as a pediatric nurse practitioner in primary care, I would love teaching kids and teens during their physicals or well child checks how to be healthy. It was fun to see them think of ideas and goals as well as for them to come back a few months later showing what they’ve been doing/learning!
    And I totally agree to my own faith journey bringing me lots of JOY!

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