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It’s time for another round of the Kids Behind the Blog. We are well into May and looking forward to summer and our big trip to Florida! You have no idea how ready each of us are for sunshine, summer, and freedom. Before you jump in to May Kids Behind the Blog, you can hope over to April if you missed it.

If you had a Magic Tree House, where would you go?

Carson: I would go to France.

Ava: I would go to see the first landing on the Moon.

Jack: I would go to Egypt.

Finish this sentence: “Red Rover, Red Rover, …”

Carson: under Dover.

Ava: *blank stare*

Jack: the dog red Rover.

What is your best childhood memory?

Carson: At the house we used to live in with Mom and Dad.

Ava: My first days of school.

Jack: Getting my First Communion.

What is your favorite part of nature or being outside?

Carson: The sunshine.

Ava: I like to scooter, bike, roller skate, read and color.

Jack: Swimming outside.

What do you think Mom would like for Mother’s Day?

Carson: Awwww …. something.

Ava: My Mom? Probably just the card I made.

Jack: I don’t know Mom, what do you want? Another coffee cup?


They were NOT chatty at all this month! I swear all the running around, late nights, and long days of testing at school have these kids worn out. I did laugh that none of the kids knew what the Red Rover Red Rover game was. Thankfully Caleb confirmed the game I played as a kid was actually a “thing” at some point. After explaining it, the kids didn’t seem too impressed haha. They have fidget spinners and Minecraft, what else could they need?! (**insert sarcastic eye roll**)

Carson’s best childhood memory made me sad for him. He was so little when they divorced, but not that young. Sometimes I think all of us forget that he does have those memories or at the very least, the pictures that remind him of that time in his little life.

As for Mother’s Day gifts, I know Caleb was ahead of the game this year and had the kids all pick out presents for me, apparently Jack was a little lost on that haha. Caleb also plans on bringing Carson and Ava to pick out presents this evening for their Mom. It’s definitely not our favorite thing to do, but it isn’t about us, so we just do what’s needed.

Maybe next month I can get a little more out of them! What are your kiddos up to lately?


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