Leaky Showers are No Fun

The shower leaked. I’ve mentioned it a few times lately, but it’s worth it’s own post.

Caleb and I make a great team. He has the knowledge of how to and the tools and skills to do it and I have the design and plans always spinning in my head. Usually we are lucky enough to work side by side and tackle each project together.

Since baby arrived on the scene, our tactics have changed slightly. We still have our plans and projects, but now one of us has a baby in hand while the other has a hammer, or more accurately as of late, a trowel.

Back to the shower. One day some time in January after one of the kids’ shower we noticed a wet floor. We nicely reminded said kiddo the value of fully shutting the curtain to keep water inside the shower instead of outside the shower. It’s a smaller 3 piece, 3/4 bath, with a decent size shower but water would always be on the floor after any usage.

Eventually the water started to trickle into the adjacent bedroom and we knew  it was more than just a misused shower curtain issue when it so nicely started raining on clothes in the closet. Sheet rock was torn down, the shower completely gutted, and we went from a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house to 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath within a week. The shower had a leak that had ruined flooring, framing, and sheet rock. When the walls were opened, we discovered the insulation R value was not high enough. It all meant an almost complete remodel of the bathroom and the bedroom.

The last few months have been spent building framing, insulating properly, moving pipes & wires [goodbye drop ceiling!], and sheet rocking. The end is in sight for the bedroom and I can tell you everyone is thrilled!

In case you just cannot wait, here’s the design plan!


The bathroom is still in gut mode and the plan phase. Soo many things to love! Stay tuned; I promise you’ll be the first to know when we decide the plan.



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