Monday Morning Coffee

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Hell–oooo? Oh hey, there you are! I’ve missed you. It’s been far too long. Let’s grab a drink and catch up, it’s much overdue!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it won’t be arriving till late morning as it’s FINALLY summer break around here and Mama wants to sleep in… well – as much as you can with an almost 2 year old around the house. I’ll take what I can get.

If we were having coffee, I’d skip the coffee as it’s summer and Green Tea Frappuccinos are my jam. Non-fat, little whip, and ohhh to bring back melon syrup. A girl can dream. But really, still ahhhmazing. Thank me later.

If we were having coffee, I’d apologize for being so incredibly distant the past few weeks. I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like in the spring/early summer for our family. But I’m sure as heck going to try! There is softball two nights a week, Boy Scouts that falls on the same night as softball so we’re tag teaming driving, still  doing swim lessons, end of the school year things like band concerts, school project presentations, birthday parties, graduation parties, plus it’s also HOT HOT HOT around here so we’ve been trying to invite ourselves over to my parents pool 😉 Add in two full time jobs, getting 6 people ready for Florida, and scheduling millions of doctors appointments, AND a 2 year old sleep regression. IT’S BEEN NUTS. But life is so good right now I’m just trying to soak it allll in.

If we were having coffee, I’d complain – yep that’s me – about how stressful and exhausting work has been. It’s so frustrating that we as teachers have the same complaints and frustrations year in and year out and yet nothing gets changed about it. I’m learning that online school has HUGE and wonderful benefits to students, teachers, and families, but there are also some big concerns of mine as well. At the end of the year, I want to make sure I’ve done my job of helping grow little humans and I’m not always sure I succeed. Anyway I’ve become pretty burnt out this year, it was rough and I’m glad it’s over and look forward to a “quiet” year next year. Fingers crossed on the “quiet” part.

If we were having coffee, I’d gush about how excited and scared I am of leaving for Florida in 7 DAYS! I am genuinely excited to see Caleb’s Mom and Step Dad (hi!), and to go exploring, and just relax from all the chaos of actually getting there. I don’t like plane rides, a 2 year old who is straight up crazy and three big kids who aren’t quite sure either.   Caleb, love, enjoy a drink or two – all I’m saying.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about my “easy” plans for Harv’s SECOND birthday. See I knew with Florida coming and being gone for 9+ days, Harv’s birthday would be low key. I was ok with that. He loves “peppy” pizza and ice cream so a pizza party it is! Order pizza, make an ice cream cake . Done. Ha. Tricks on me. I (yep solely responsible) also decided veggie pizzas! Fruit pizza! Italian soda bar! New picnic tables! Decorations! Lots of friends and family! Annnnd now it’s turned into a big to do. I should’ve just been happy with easy. Only 2 once right?

If we were having coffee, I’d ask for prayers for us, specifically Carson. The day after we return from Florida he’ll be getting his tonsils and adenoids removed. A “minor” surgery to some, but there’s always a little extra worry because of his hemophilia and well yes prayers for an easy quick and uneventful recovery would be oh so appreciated. Sanity for Caleb and me would be great too 😉

If we were having coffee and I finally stopped talking to breathe and actually drink the green tea frapp, I’d listen because as much as I’ve been gone and what to dump everything on you I really missed hearing you and knowing what’s going on. Did you survive the end of the school year? Tears from babies getting bigger? How have you been feeling? I’m so excited you get to be a mama, you’re going to be the best! How is your husband? Is work going ok? I miss you and I truly am glad to be back in your life again. Please let’s do this more!

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