Most Memorable Birthday | Blogtember #5

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all took some time to enjoy the long weekend and the last weekend of summer (for us)!

I organized and rearranged the kitchen command center (look for this later this week!), cleaned the house, went swimming at my parents, visited BOTH my sisters (Jenny & Rich were in town from KS), worked on Ava’s room, and got caught up on some teaching prep work. It was productive and pretty low key, but I prefer that with such a big week coming up.

Anyway, today’s prompt from Bailey’s Blogtember Challenge is your most memorable birthday. This actually goes way way back to my 12th (?? – Mom correct me if I’m wrong) birthday.

My birthday is in July and being a mom now, I realize how difficult planning summer parties can be. Kids are on vacation, you don’t have addresses, or numbers to contact parents, etc. It’s a pain. Now add in a daughter that wants a surprise party and has been hinting quite voraciously for one for months.

Yes. I told my parents over and over and over again, I really really really wanted a surprise party. I blame my cousin who had one in December of the year before and it was so much fun! But I was determined they were going to give me a surprise party and it was going to be the greatest day of my life!

As many of you may know, it’s really hard to surprise someone that wants/plans a surprise down to every last detail. It doesn’t usually work, unless you start to think out of the box. My parents have always been reliable at finding ways (not always good ways) to surprise us and this birthday was no exception. I still don’t know how they did it.

I had been kind of feeling down about my birthday, because there really wasn’t much discussion about what would be happening, but I tried to hold it together. My Dad decided to take me somewhere to get me out of the house, where? I have no idea anymore. But, we get home I walk through the back hallway towards the kitchen and there are all my friends at the kitchen table and they yell “surprise!” –pretty typical at this point. EXCEPT… I start crying, turn around, and walk right back outside. Apparently, I was surprised and I didn’t actually want a surprise party. Social anxiety, much?

It took some coaxing, some apologies, and lots of tissues, but I finally made it back to the party. All my friends had been there for a while so they were all ‘party’ excited and I was all teary. You know, exactly how my parents planned it, ha.

Eventually I settled into party mode and I remember having a great time, but it definitely was memorable and I’ll never forget the fear of the surprise. Needless to say I’ve never had a surprise party planned for me again and I’ve never planned one either. Maybe best to just avoid that.

Have you ever had a surprise go awry? I know I can’t be the only one, would love to hear!


7 thoughts on “Most Memorable Birthday | Blogtember #5

  1. I did actually have a surprise party go awry once.. My best friend at the time brought me to the wrong location while all of our friends were waiting at a different restaurant. Apparently the surprise was on all of us 😉

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