So we moved. Part 2

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If you’re just tuning in, check out part 1 here on our my decision to move.

In our offer it was stated we’d have our house listed within 7 days and sold asap. I think there was a specific sold date but some things are better for a pregnant brain not to pay attention to.

Anyway, that meant we had zero time to renovate a bathroom, Sheetrock, mud, tape and paint a wall, and like 600 other things to do. So Caleb and our realtor prioritized and he went crazy on his projects #hesmyhero while my parents came over to clear out all the clutter and kids junk precious things. Within 3 days we were ready and I’d never seen our house cleaner or nicer looking. Almost made me want to stay. Ha jk.

We were pretty lucky with the timing as all the big kids were away at summer camp for the week so we were really hoping to get it sold before they came home so they didn’t need to endure showings, crazy Mom/Step mom cleaning expectations. Unfortunately the professional photographer didn’t come in time so it didn’t get listed till the following Tuesday morning. Here’s a peek!

However once it was listed, we had texts coming in right and left for showing approvals. Seriously it was nuts. Something like 25 showings for Tuesday (we were NOT home at all that day) 15 or so for Wednesday and ended up putting a timeline in on any offers to Thursday at noon. We got 7! We chose the one we thought was best and claimed our house sold!

Unfortunately things aren’t always that simple. Post inspections, there were negotiations that needed to be made and we ended up conceding on things we weren’t too thrilled about. But…..We stayed focused on the positive. We still got more than asking, we still got our house, and we still had each other. Life would be good even through the disappointment and sham we felt it was.

The next month was spent packing, cleaning, and lots of praying that everything would go smoothly. It was exhausting and almost 100% put on Caleb as this pregnant mom shouldn’t be lifting heavy things. Like I said #hesmyhero

The day before we closed, we did 100% of our final moving and cleaning. The house was completely empty as the buyers final walk through was scheduled for that evening. We packed up all the kids, cars, and closed up our box (look for a million moving tips soon! I’m pro now), and snapped a few pics before we left.

Entirely unexpected to everyone, this mama bawled like a little baby as we said goodbye. It wasn’t perfect for us and I was totally ready to move forward, but as I got in the car to leave all the memories that our sweet little house held came flooding back.

  • Caleb getting down on one knee in our bedroom with the sweetest hand made book asking me to marry him.
  • Dancing in the family room while attempting to practice for our first dance.
  • Holding up a piece of plywood against the deck door while Caleb screwed it in as it rained on us so the rain didn’t keep coming in the house.
  • Harv taking his first steps in the kitchen as everyone clapped, cheered, and screamed with glee.
  • Sitting on the deck with a glass of wine/beer playing cards.
  • Crying on the steps as we both processed losing our first baby.
  • Playing full house hide n seek in the dark with the big kids

Oh I could go on. The memories were so wonderful both good and bad. That place was where we truly became a family.

But enough trips down memory lane.

Closing day finally came and pretty much went off without a hitch. The kids spent the day swimming and hanging with my parents. Caleb and I spent the day driving around town,  sneaking in a lunch date to celebrate our homelessness status for 5 hours, and eventually showered with a new home and lots of presents. Life is so weird sometimes. A month ago we weren’t even thinking about moving, now we were off to see our new place!

I promise only one last installment and it’s the fun “before” pics and trust me you’ll be like ‘um Sam are you nuts?!’

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2 thoughts on “So we moved. Part 2

  1. Girl, I loved every single thing about this! And I’m SO excited for you guys! Also, when we left our LITTLE CRAPPY APARTMENT (that I was *super* ready to leave) I BAWLED like a baby. Just tears STREAMING down my face! So I 100% understand that feeling! <3 But so stoked for the next stage in your journey.


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