New Year, New Plans 

The first Monday of the year! Whew we made it! I hope your New Year’s celebrations were fantastic! Winter break is over and it’s back to work to for me. Plus it’s Monday so you’d think it should be a bummer of a day, but rather I’m feeling optimistic, hopeful, and motivated to get life in motion!

The Christmas decorations were put away over the weekend, which I love just as much as putting them up. Something so nice about the empty clean feeling. It also gives me a chance to really clean, purge, rearrange furniture and find places for all that new stuff we collected.

As we head into 2017, there is so much to look forward to. I’ve decided to approach the year differently; to focus and be more purposed in the various aspects of my life. I’ve also decided that a year of goals is boring come December (ha!) and the long timeline doesn’t actually help ensure the goals are being met.

I know the year as a whole will bring good things for our family! We are working on making our way to Florida to visit Caleb’s Mom and Step-Dad. Caleb and I are planning  a non-kid vacation, which is panning out to be more and more difficult to decide where!  Carson will be finishing elementary school and heading to middle school in the fall! Jack will be attending his first overnight camp in the summer. Oh! And….Since I’m talking about family plans, I’d like to clarify that the big announcement from Friday is not (I repeat NOT!) a baby! Although I appreciate all the love, texts, emails etc. I assure you family and friends would know first!

I’m also thrilled of all the plans I have for our blog! There are some big changes and goals I’ve decided to pursue and focus in on this year. Lots of collaborations with friends and various companies. Seeing as I can’t survive in our house without rearranging some thing on a monthly basis, I’ve also decided to really look into designing a new layout and overall theme for the blog. That won’t take shape though (if at all!) till summer ….or beyond.

Like I said before though, long term goals are fantastic and keep people focused; however, it’s also easy to lose track and they aren’t always as attainable. I also really like the idea of a word of the year. Something that will endure the longevity of 2017.

The word I decided on is intentional.

I want everything I do to be intentional. I don’t want to just find time to do things that are of value; I want them to be front and center. I want our marriage to really take a fore front in our lives, even through the crazy baby raising stage. I want the actions I make with the kids be purposeful. Sometimes I feel like I’m just surviving each day to get to the next calendar appointment and I’m over that. I want to create that purpose with everything I do.

Ok so my new plan is to have 3-5 goals each month. To start it off, my January goals are:

  1. Help Caleb finish Ava’s room. There’s only a few things that really need to be completed, but for his sanity they need to be done. He does so much around here, that it is difficult to add in more, so do what I can to lighten his load.
  2. Organize finances, taxes, and make a budget. We mentally have a budget and mentally know where all our money goes to each and every paycheck, but I want it on paper and organized and start to be more intentional with our saving for those big trips (and Christmas!). As for taxes, we’re one of those people that prefer to have our taxes done and submitted as soon as possible (as in as close to January 11th as possible!). We’re pretty organized through out the year, so preparing our taxes isn’t much trouble and yes we do them ourselves!
  3. Prep and plan Jack’s 9th birthday party. Seeing as it’s under 3 weeks away and neither him or I have any thoughts, I better get on it!
  4. Go on a date. With Caleb of course!


What goals or resolutions have you made for the year? Are you into the whole idea of a word of the year? ? Check out Oxford’s list for the past for years to read more! Some are a little sad…

Oh also very curious are you “two thousand seventeen” or a “twenty seventeen” kind of person? I love knowing little tidbits like that! Have a fantastic first week of 2017!

9 thoughts on “New Year, New Plans 

  1. GIRL, I love your word of the year!!! I’m doing one this year too and I’m super excited about it!

    Can’t wait to see all the awesome things you do with your blog this year (and also your kid-free vacation because I’m a total trip researching nerd )

    I say both “two thousand 16” and “twenty-sixteen” depending on which sounds better in that particular sentence. Is that weird? Hahaha

    1. Oh yay I can’t wait to hear what it is! And I contemplated “sleep” but that’s not very fun hahaha. Ohhh any suggestions?? I’m NOT a trip researching nerd! Um also it’s 2017 haha better get on those 17s!

      1. HAHAHA Shoot! 2017!!! HAHA, already starting things off well, I see, Grady… 😛

        I’m a big fan of the classic road trip, but I know that not everyone is a road trip person! haha No matter what you choose, I’m sure it’ll be awesome!

        1. Haha I’ve been proud I’ve been so good already! But I haven’t written any checks yet that’s usually when I fall apart! I don’t like flying ha but Caleb wants to leave the country so flying it is this time! Have a good day!!

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