November Goals Update | 2016

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s December! The year went by so fast. They all do though.

Am I right?
Am I right?

I have one more month to really get my goals on track for the year! As I continue working hard for myself and my family, let’s check in and see how the last month went. Check out October’s goals here.

goal 1: be more positive with the children & encourage their growth.

Jack and I have been working hard on extra homework lately. He is a little behind in school and gets tons of support at school, but as his mom and a teacher we work at home too. I have seen so much progress in ability and attitude lately it’s been awesome!


The little boys and I ventured out a few times for some Mom and boys dates this month and it was … umm fun? Ha. Crayola Experience at the Mall of America sounded like a great idea. Then we actually went. Harvey lost a shoe, threw about a million tantrums, Jack’s crayon didn’t print right the first time, it was witching hour so they were hungry, and Mom lost it. Oh fun. But at the end of the trip we came home with colorful candy, a Bob crayon (Jack’s special nickname from Caleb), a Chuck Norris crayon as a present for Caleb, a Harvey crayon, packages of clay, lots of artwork, and two smiling kids.


We also know we owe Carson a Sam and Dad date and since our clock is ticking before the end of the year, we need to get on that! Check out Jack’s here and Ava’s here.

goal 2: be more creative and allow time for the projects we have and want to have.

Tis the season for crafting! Without giving away any surprises or presents, I can assure you I have been working on this!

Also, Caleb finished Ava’s room! Praise God. Ok well almost finished, still working on the closet, but we’re soo close I can taste it. He has been working so hard, he also has made progress in both the bathroom and laundry room. Updates soon!

goal 3: dates. more dates.

We had one date – kind of. Harv with us with and we ran errands, but we finished up with sushi and and a movie. Read more here.

goal 4: finish grad school. 

Complete read here.

goal 5: document life more. it all goes so fast. 

I planned on giving each of the big kids’ personalized photo books as part of their Christmas present, but there’s no way I’m going to finish all 3 in time and I’ve learned that it’s an all or nothing deal. So let’s call these Valentine’s presents. Whomp whomp. Least they don’t know.

goal 6: find and stick to a prayer schedule.

A few weeks ago, I went to a speaker on prayer and it was so uplifting. He gave us a process to focus on and permission to forgive ourselves when we fail. Getting into a new habit or routine is so hard and no one is perfect. I really needed to hear that continuing to try is just as important as success, but also that it’s ok if it doesn’t happen naturally or perfectly.

And our Fall bucket list. Last month, I said that nothing else would get crossed off. Ha. I ate my own words, because literally the day after I posted it, we raked and played in the leaves!


This time I can assure you, nothing else will get crossed off. Apple orchards are closed and Caleb decided he didn’t want to do his last year’s birthday present. Oh well. Still count it all as a success!

Alright, bring on Christmas! Come back tomorrow for our Christmas bucket list! There is sooo much on there!


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