Organized Means Easy     |      Blogtember #18

Happy Sunday! Yesterday’s shopping was so productive and fun, there was even a bonus meet and greet with my sister’s friend (unexpectedly). For once, it was NOT me randomly meeting someone I knew. I’ve even started working on our Christmas card outfits. I’m super excited for these! More to come another day. Like, not in September.

Anyway, today’s prompt is all about a product that simplifies my life. I’m going to shamelessly admit it’s any one of my 31 bags. Ok I know what you’re thinking, I must sell them. Nope. Although I probably should considered what I’ve spent on their products. Well you know someone that does? Nope to that, too. So you got a free one? Nope nope nope. I’m getting nothing for gushing about them. I just honestly love it and I use them all.the.time.

Ok, so which ones do I have and how do I use them?

The utility tote is the most used and tops out as my favorite. We have three and use them every week at the grocery store. We load everything into them, no tree wasting, no plastic bags all over the house, no millions of trips back and forth. They’re durable, so Caleb can pretty much carry all of our groceries into the house in 1-2 trips. Did you hear that?! A family of 6’s weeks worth of groceries into the house and up the stairs in 1-2 trips. And they’ve done their job for over 3 years. You should be sold at this point. But just in case…

  • I have a pouch for my coupon organizer (couldn’t find it, possibly discontinued).
  • In each of our bathrooms, we also have little carry alls that organize all the toiletries and larger round bins (discontinued) to organize the towels.
  • I also have a carry all in the kitchen for my k-cups.
  • There are totes in the car for toys, wipes, snacks, etc.
  • I have the fold n’ file to organize all my lettering/calligraphy projects.
  • I have a giant utility tote for all our ice/hockey skates.
  • The kids each have a snow bag (duffle bag – discontinued).
  • We all have swim bags (our styles are discontinued).
  • I have thermals for picnics and hiking adventures, or even just to bring dinner to Caleb at work (another style, too – but now discontinued).
  • I have mini pouches to organize diaper bag stuff in my purse.

At this point you may be thinking She’s insane, why am I still following her?

Ok. Possibly insane. But I don’t judge you, so you don’t judge my #baghoarding 😉

I could go on, but I’ll save you. If you have a need for a bag (or even …not a need), chances are good I have a bag for it.

Caleb even teases that I have bags to hold my bags, which is pretty much true.

BUT people, seriously! They make my life sooo easy. I know where everything is. My family knows where everything goes. There is zero confusion, which means the house stays organized!

Yep I’m a bag lady and I love it.

Ok, so I actually have two products (I’m counting all the bags as one) that simplify my life. The other is my collection of calendars. Similar to bags, but not so excessive are my 6 calendars. Each serves a very necessary piece in my life.


  1. Yearly Family Calendar – used for long term planning. No one really sees or uses this but me.
  2. Monthly Family Calendar – it’s a whiteboard in the kitchen (see above) & gets used all the time. It’s the first thing any of the kids look at one the first of the month (or when they return from their Mom’s.) They notice every detail change.
  3. Yearly Work Calendar – pretty self explanatory.
  4. Work Whiteboard Calendar – I have a mini month version for out of the ordinary meetings that come up. I’ve been known to attend meetings while at Menards or out to lunch, so I need to pay attention!
  5. Birthday Calendar – again pretty obvious, but I don’t write these on my yearly calendar because that one changes, this one doesn’t.
  6. Blog Calendar – keeps track of postings, link ups, and other fun stuff I want to share with you!

So there you go! 600+ products that simplify my life, because one was not enough!

What about you though? What would you pick? Love to hear!


**And for you non-winter people, a snow bag is a bag that is full of hats, mittens, snow pants, and extra socks to take to school for recess.**

Also, all my patterns no longer exist, so the links are to their newest prints!


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6 thoughts on “Organized Means Easy     |      Blogtember #18

  1. haha I TOTALLY have bags to organize my bags!! and pouches and organizers within the bags too. I like everything to be contained. We have a few large utility totes full of smaller things..and love them.

  2. Oh my. I used to sell 31, and while the actual selling wasn’t for me, I am obsessed with all their products, haha. Also! Where did you get your file organizer on the wall? I’m looking for something similar and love it!

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