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Friday Favorites Five on Friday

It’s Cinco De Mayo! Yep I’m going to be horribly stereotypical here, but please bring on the margs and tacos. This girl loves Mexican food! My mother can take the blame credit for this as she canned homemade salsa every Fall on Saturday mornings. The smell alone makes me crave it. We’ll be celebrating with tacos, picoRead more

When Parallel Parenting is Best

When I first started dating Caleb, co-parenting was the only type of blended family arrangement I was familiar with. had ever heard of. To me, it was just another term to describe our future blended family. I really had no clue that it was a style of parenting, until I read more about it, forRead more

Florida Update: 2 Months and Counting!

Vacationing with Kids - Family Vacation to Florida - Booking Flights with Kids

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on our vacationing status to Florida. The last update was how we told the kids with pretend boarding passes! Since then so much has happened and so many details have been worked out. Traveling with 4 kids is no easy task, even for this ultra prepared Mama. //Read more