Progress & Disappointment

Both Caleb & I are perfectionists. We both have high expectations for ourselves and the projects we do around the house; and pretty much everything we do. Lately, I feel like we’ve both been in this non perfect slump, but for two very different reasons.

Caleb has been frustrated with the bedroom remodel & as anyone who has undertaken any DIY job, you know there is a perfect timeline for things drying & being installed etc. As of late, the family has been so busy, his timeline is out the window causing issues with the project. Not his fault. I blame the kids. That’s ok, right? Ha. JK. Kind of.

My non perfect issues come from two things. The first is I feel like I’ve been in a creative rut. So not fun! I wish I could blame something, mostly I just have no time to create. The second is all my free time goes to Grad school. May 12th cannot come soon enough! Anyway, I watched this the other day and it made me feel better about my progress and it hit the nail on the head about my feelings of disappointment.


Happy Watching!



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