Recreating Beauty | Blogtember #24

Today’s prompt is all about recreation of anything! And I’m going to screw it up again.

Here’s why. A while back (like weeks), I was scrolling instagram videos of lettering and calligraphy and I stumbled upon a tutorial of this project I instantly fell in love with. It looked easy, made sense, and I had all the materials. I put it in my mental “to-try list” and up my finger moved. Never thought twice.

Until now.

When I decided I wanted to actually try it.

And I have zero clue where, who, or even remotely close to when I saw it.

So to the person that I took inspiration from, I will find you again at some point and I WILL give you credit. For now, know this is NOT my idea.

There’s this trend going around where you write on paper with this special ink, watercolor over it, and then peel off the special ink and poof something special hidden in the water color.

Well, this tutorial didn’t use the special ink that I don’t own, and don’t intend to either. And it doesn’t use watercolor which I royally stink suck at. I was all in!

1.) Using embossing materials, emboss a word, phrase or picture on water color paper. This will act as a protective coating. The tutorial said emboss and dry and then repeat to make sure no water color will soak through.



2.) Use water color brush pens to scribble a pretty background over embossed word.


Check. Check.

3.) Use a water brush to smooth out lines from brush pen and combine colors into a more legitimate water color appearance.


Check. Check. Check. Hey this is working awesome!

4.) Use heat gun to dry faux water color.

I’m a pro! I got this.

5.) Scratch off embossed words to reveal pure white paper!


Whomp. Whomp. After 10 minutes of scratching I gave up. Apparently 2 layers was ENTIRELY too much and was a giant pain in my you know where. But it DID work. It was all white paper underneath!

So, I chalked this up as #pinterestfail (#instagramfail?) and decided I’d try to recreate it another day. Maybe in matching colors for the boys room? Like their names? Yea. That could save this. Also. One layer. Just one layer.

What about you? Do your projects always go as planned? Are you into lettering or just love seeing the outcome?



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