Room Tour | Blogtember #8

It’s moving day! Jk. We moved Harvey a while ago.

Today’s prompt from Blogtember with Bailey Jean is a tour of our spaces. Now, since two rooms are still under construction, two I don’t even like walking in because the mess is daunting, and I owe you a catch up on the little boys. I’m going to update you on Jack and Harvey sharing a room!

Last time I talked about the Great Room Switcheroo, we left off with finishing cleaning, purging and organizing Jack’s stuff into this space:


and Harvey’s side:


As of about 2 weeks ago, Harvey has officially moved into Jack’s room (now known as the boy’s room).

On Jack’s side of the room, we currently removed the little signs that used to be by his clock and added a “no parking” sign at his request. I’m not sure I like the proportions there so it may get rearranged. The old truck curtains were replaced with Harvey’s chevron curtains, because they are black out and this side of the house gets the most sun light at nap time, so obviously not fun.


The biggest change was moving Harvey into the room.

When you walk in, you are welcomed to the cutest view ever!


He’s teething. Don’t mind the crib chewing.

And a little lounging action, because how cute is he?!

**Harvey does not actually sleep on a pillow. It used to go under his mattress to help with the reflux. Oh and the dog was an impromptu purchase because someone (Harvey, this is you.) spit up all over it, so I’m pretty sure that means we claim it.

So after two weeks how has sharing really gone? Well…

The first few nights were a little rough. Harvey was getting used to his new surroundings. Jack was getting used to being woken up by the baby & losing his bedroom space. (Thankfully the move happened before school started.) I was getting used to being detached.

Although, if we’re being honest, Harvey might actually be closer to me now than he was when he was in our room.

Where we stand today? Harvey is sleeping more (hooray!) in his crib and less in our bed. But not fully sleeping through the night or fully in his crib. It’s a combo deal. Jack sleeps through all of Harvey’s midnight parties. I’m surviving.


  • Give the older sibling a little extra love and confidence through it all. They need to feel included!
  • Have the older sibling prepare for bed before the baby goes to sleep, so as to not cause an issue later in the evening.
  • Create and stick to a new routine that works for the kids. Jack and I now read together in the family room instead of his bed. Different, but not losing out.
  • Expect it to be hard. It will be and you won’t be frustrated or disappointed when it doesn’t go perfectly.
  • When reorganizing and combining space, makes sure everyone has some space that is just theirs.
  • Celebrate successes!
  • Remember that in the long run, they’ll be closer and create an awesome bond to one another!

The room itself still has a few things to hang and organize, but overall I’m happy with the progress, excited for the boys, and feeling a little more settled into our home.

Any other tips you’d add? We’re only two weeks in, things could get crazy real fast.


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