Rustic & Plaid Style Christmas

There are only 8 Fridays until Christmas! That means it is coming fast! Are you ready?! I’ll be honest, I have our Christmas cards already designed and being shipped to our house. I have some of our shopping completed. AND I have our decoration and theme style all ready to go! Yes. I know. I’m not trying to make you feel bad since it’s only November 2nd. But-Christmas is my jam. I love it and I love spreading the cheer for as long as I can! I do however, wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving and I also don’t listen to Christmas music for as long as possible (don’t ask).

Each year I do a theme and try to focus all the different pieces of Christmas around it: the cards, the family pictures, the present wrapping, decorations, etc. Caleb is a good sport and handles all my Christmas-ness really well. This year, I decided to go rustic with a mix of traditional plaid.

Our family picture outfits were a combo of black, red, and buffalo plaid:


one. Pullover // Jeans

two. Sweater // Jeans // Booties // Scarf (discontinued in red)

three. Sweatshirt // Jeans // Boots

four. Denim Dress // Boots (different color, we did gray)

five. Vest // Sweater // Jeans

six. Top  // Pants // Shoes

Our cards I always order from Shutterfly. I’ve been working with them forever and the discounts and freebies I get always pays off for the loyalty. Plus they’re always changing their designs and keeping up with trends. In the 9 years I’ve been ordering, I’ve only had one issue and they sent me an entire new set of cards, for free! Yep, they’re awesome. (Not sponsored, I literally just love them!). They have tons of woodsy and rustic themed cards this year! 179 to be exact. Check out the styles here. You’ll have to wait to see which I actually chose!

I also was scrolling on Insta a while back and saw the most perfect wrapping paper to incorporate into this year’s style and she’s based out of MN. I was thrilled! Check out her website. (Again, not sponsored, just a great plaid wrapping paper!).


I’ve also been working on making homemade embossed and hand lettered tags. They are turning out great! Here’s a sneak peak of the colors I’ve been working with:


Lastly, check out Kris (again, not sponsored -just love her) she has the best kraft paper style goodies and just recently posted her holiday products, too! I have the To:/From: stickers above, but I’m totally crushing on the red antler seals.


The decorations are coming along. Some I use year after year, because they’re favorites, but I have a few new projects to work on over the next few weeks and I promise to share them as I finish!

Do you do holiday themes? Have you started preparation for the holidays yet? Or are you reading this with shame and slight hatred? I’d love to hear your thoughts (even if it’s the latter!).



psstnone of this is sponsored, just passing along the info!









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