So we moved!

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Hey there! I took a semi intentioned semi accidental break from the social media/blogging world. More on that for another day, as there’s much bigger things to talk about today!

We moved!

This story goes back many many years. When Caleb and I first met and started dating, we both were in the process of house hunting. It didn’t take us long to decide forever was in our cards, so we decided to buy together, however it was financially smarter and safer to use only one income, so some concessions were made to fit a tighter budget. But for the most part our house was 100% perfect for our little blended family. Then Harv arrived and our house shrunk before my eyes. Serious. I saw it happen.

It was also extremely difficult to find time to take on lots of the projects that we wanted and needed completed. We were tired and frustrated and honestly I was pretty unhappy living there. My heart was so discontented with our situation. Caleb had to listen to it day in and day out and it just wasn’t good. You guys, I tried so hard to let this feeling go, to give up the complaining and to find happiness in other things, but I sucked at it. I realize it’s just a physical space, but I couldn’t shake that this wasn’t our forever home or that all my babies weren’t in a “home”. Now on the flip side I wasn’t some walking ball of negativity, ha! But it was clear I wanted out.

But it wasn’t time for us to move, so I promised Caleb I’d try really hard to be better for him, myself, and our kids. And I was successful! Per Caleb it was like a week. I swear it was a few months. The jury is still out on that.

Then I got pregnant. Again. (Yes! I know – I should probably talk about that some time here too!) Hello hormones. Hello nesting. Hello Sam’s ready to move again. Goodbye promise. But I didn’t make any crazy moves….yet. I actually was so exhausted and sick from the baby that “doing” just about anything was not in the cards.

Then one Friday, my sister and I took our kids out to dinner for a much needed Mama time out. Dinner was delicious and the kids were mostly behaving so we extended our Mama date by heading over to the At Home store across the parking lot. I had never been there, but so many cute things! My heart and head were bursting again with new ideas I wanted to implement.

So I did what any sane insane person would do that made a promise to their husband (yes, I know what you’re thinking) I scrolled the for sale houses in our city. And I found it.

It was perfect. The size! The space! The location! The price!

Not the design. Or the cleanliness. But hey we can change that.

So I attempted at breathing and text Caleb at work. Here’s our honest convo:

Buying a house

I called our previous realtor at 9pm Friday night, he set us up with a realtor of his and an appointment was made for 9am the next morning. During our showing it was extra obvious the house needed some serious cleaning and TLC but Caleb knew I fell in love so the offer, personal letter, and Christmas card picture went in.

Sadly so did other offers. So a “highest and best” was called by 12noon on Sunday.

We discussed long and hard whether it was worth it and what we should do. We ultimately went up and did lots of praying.

When things like this happen, I follow a pretty typical pray “Alright God if it’s right, make it happen. If it’s not, let it go and I’ll go back to working on my promise.” Thank goodness Caleb is a husband full of grace. And lots of it. I need it sometimes.

Anyway, we knew the owner and her realtor would be meeting Monday evening at 7:00pm so when we hadn’t heard from our realtor by 9:00pm we were a little disheartened and a lot disappointed.  We had also spent the entire day talking about all the things we loved about our current house. So we were in an ok spot and feeling mostly ok.

Then our realtor text me asking if it was too late to call. I said no! So she called and laughs “I never actually get to make these calls”. Apparently highest and best offers typically go to investors who pay cash. Luckily for us, our offer was accepted! Now I’ll be honest, our offer was not the best financially. The owner really wanted the house to go to a family and thankfully she chose ours ❤️

Now we had two houses. Oi. Stay tuned (I promise not months!) to hear all about getting our house sold.

Isn’t she a beaut?

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