Summer Faves | Blogtember #3

Today’s prompt, from Bailey’s challenge, is a list of summer favorites, but for all my usual readers, pretty sure that’s all you’ve heard all summer. Meaning: boring. So for those of you that are new readers, skim and scam and scroll on down to the pics (with links) to my favorite moments this summer.

BUT! for the rest of you we’re traveling back in time, to one of my favorite summers yet – the summer of 2013 (when Caleb and I introduced our mini families to each other!).

It was amazing and the kids all still talk about it! We went and did pretty much everything and made apparently the absolute worst (and funnest!) blended families make: we had too much fun and not enough reality. Yep. Paying for that now, but hey! We still do fun things, just with chores and housework now, too.

Anyway… back to the memories ♥ Carson was 7 and just finished first grade, Ava was 6 and just finished Kindergarten, and Jack was 5 just finished pre-school.

Jack was in t-ball that year, so we spent lots of Monday and Wednesday nights at the ball fields. Carson liked reading in a chair, so Ava would soak up all the attention from me and Caleb (smart girl).


We made tons of trips to beaches all over! Never to the same one twice. Too many to enjoy and we tried hitting both family favorites so everyone felt included.


We went on our first camping trip together and it was perfect. Great weather, tons to do, delicious food, but best of all was the swimming and attempted fishing (with hands and a mini net).


We loved hitting up the bowling alley in the afternoons. In MN (maybe other places too??) you can get 2 free games of bowling everyday in the summer for kids. We did NOT go every day, but we definitely participated on the deal.


Caleb also let me take Ava and Jack on a special date to go paint pottery! It was the first time he’d ever let anyone (besides his Mom – hi Nancy!) take the kids. I felt pretty honored and then a little concerned, because…really Jack?


We took the whole day and just walked around Saint Paul doing every tourist thing possible with the kids. Every museum, out to lunch, walking, parks, seeing a giant potato – you know, normal things. Super fun, but this is what we got at the end of the night:

I seriously cannot even begin to tell you how this is STILL so much each of their personalities.

It was a perfect summer full of adventure, new bonds, and growing love. It was the start of our almost perfect little family.

Before you take off to spend this last Saturday of summer (for us Minnesotaners who start school on Tuesday), check out this summer’s favorite moments!

Fourth of July
Harvey turns one!
Kansas visiting my sister!

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you had a totally awesome summer too! What was your favorite memory of the summer?


4 thoughts on “Summer Faves | Blogtember #3

  1. Lots of fun memories! Camping with the family sounds like such a great tradition to start. My mom was always afraid of sleeping in a tent so our “camping” was in cabins (more like glamping, ha!). I hope my husband and I will start the tradition when we have kids (or even just us two !

    1. That is so awesome!! We did a cabin last year since Harvey was only a few weeks old and the kids missed the tents. Go figure! The best thing about being young and starting things fresh is making up new traditions! You can do whatever you want!! Xo Sam

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