Sweet With a Whole Lot of Nuts | Blogtember #21

I’ll admit this prompt from Bailey had me stumped. Ice cream? Flavor? Oi. I’m not really an ice cream gal (ignore the 4, yes 4, trips to DQ in the last 3 weeks). So picking a flavor that best represents me is like getting all the laundry done in one day, you know – ain’t never gonna happen.

As I chatted with my sister, she decided to help. As I prepped lessons, she rattled off all the names of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream flavors. We grimaced at Rocky Road, which may fit her life right now. Tubby Hubby sounds delicious. But, ultimately I settled on Hazed and Confused. Doesn’t sound too optimistic? Not really. Let’s talk about it anyway.

I have 4 kids, one which still doesn’t sleep anywhere near close to through the night. They all have activities, leaving us going this way and that, every single week night. Passed out cold at 11pm…. for a good twenty minutes before we’re up and at it again with the baby. Add in that dreaded alarm clock for school at 6am. Hazed. I need sleep.

I’m currently doing almost 2 full time jobs at my school until our new person’s paperwork processes. And the other teacher decided she flat out refuses to do certain things. Confused. How can this happen? Guess who has to pick up the slack. I want someone else to do my work, too.

Harvey has been having a difficult horrendous time adjusting to my new schedule, meaning extra nursing instead of the weaning I was hoping for. More day time feedings, more night time feedings, and less naps. Hazed and Confused. I need sleep and help, I guess.

Bonus part? I feel a little nuts lately. Stress will do that to you. Anyway, the ice-cream, yep hazelNUTS. Add in the fudge core, which is extra sweet. A perfect combo I guess.

Hazed and confused. That’s me lately. (Guess I better get on that laundry now.)


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