It’s time to meet this babe.

I’m officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been and if you ask anyone around me, I’m less than thrilled about this fact. Now, I FULLY realize a baby is a miracle and the most precious gift anyone could receive. I’ve seen the other side of it all and it isn’t pretty, I promise you. But neither is a really tired Mom, who sits around wondering if “today is the day”, attempting at crossing to dos off at work and home, all while still trying to help feed and take care of 4 kids and Christmas.

It also does NOT help that we ventured to the hospital at 2:00am this morning, because I was in pain and the nurse said no chances.

I was tired, in pain, and just praying it wasn’t a false alarm. Then that husband says “hey go take a picture by that tree” and so we do. This is what we get.

In my defense of being utterly inpatient, I was set up to be impatient the last few weeks, although I’m trying (ha!) to not be. See Jack was born at 35 weeks, Harvey was 37 weeks, and my doctor tried to convince me 2 weeks ago to just “hang in there till the 16th”… all of which those dates have come and gone. I fully expected a baby to already be here, snuggling in my arms, and someone else doing my job (“real life” perk).

So for all of those asking me when the baby is coming, I assure you I will let you know as soon as I know, but it turns out I’m not very good at knowing. See above.

I also had my 38 week check up today and my doctor predicts it’ll be post Christmas now, he sure changed his tune on that fast. Also, I’m BIG. Like real big. Like the doctor predicts 7 lbs 12 oz at the moment, which is 2 lbs bigger than Jack and 1 lb bigger than Harv so that’s something to look forward to pushing out.

All that’s left to do is give your guesses whether it’s a little girl or little boy!

Caleb was team girl the entire pregnancy, until this morning when I mentioned the baby is maybe just smart enough to stay in where it’s quiet and not chaotic, then he decided it must be a boy because he’s onto a good plan. Dads.

Carson, Jack and Harvey all think it’s a girl, some of it is just wishful thinking! Harvey also has been known to call himself a girl so he really has no clue. Don’t give him too much credit on this one.

Ava thinks it’s a boy, which I know is wishful thinking. Go figure, she cried when Harv was a boy and now wants another one. I guess we did too¬†good job of convincing her that maybe being the only girl is a good thing. Oops.

I have my guess and it’s been the same throughout the majority of the pregnancy, but I also 100% thought Harv was a girl so I’m not going to make any claims.

Just for fun, here’s what all those wives tales say! Trista over at Classy Chaos did this and I loved it!

  • Carrying High or Low? Low – Boy.
  • Heartbeat? Fast – Girl.
  • Sweet or Salty? Both ha.
  • Ancient Chinese Calendar? – Girl
  • Acne? None – Boy.
  • Morning Sickness? I don’t think this one counts. I was awful sick with all pregnancies and apparently girls make you sicker, but those boys of mine sure weren’t fun either.
  • Pregnancy Glow? Only to the hubby (isn’t he sweet?) sooo Girl.
  • Hormonal? Um definitely. Girl.
  • Weight Gain? All belly. Boy.

Boy – 3

Girl – 5

2 inconclusive

So what do you think? Girl or boy?

Send good vibes and I can’t wait to share all of our special details of the babes arrival with you!

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