It’s a BOY! A long overdue birth story of our sweet baby boy!

Birth story, labor and delivery, baby #3

If you remember (way long ago, how does time travel so fast?!) back a month now, I did a little guessing game on our surprise gender baby. Caleb and, now I’ll admit that we both 100% thought it was a girl. Oh BOY we’re we wrong…. again! Ha no more guessing for us. I loveRead more

Collection of My Favorite Posts | Blogtember #19 

It’s Monday! A new week with more hope for work than the last, Caleb is home from work now, and after school we’ll have all the kids together again. Looking like a great (and busy) week ahead! Also, Harvey is 15 months today. How did this happen?! Anyway, I’ll deal with my sorrows of anRead more