Parallel Parenting Forms & Resources

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A few weeks back, I wrote about Parallel Parenting and how sometimes it proves better than coparenting. This time I’m back with a few suggestions and thoughts on parallel parenting forms and documents. It’s all great and dandy to be given advice, but doing something and taking action is much better. Parallel Parenting Forms & DocumentsRead more

When Parallel Parenting is Best

When I first started dating Caleb, co-parenting was the only type of blended family arrangement I was familiar with. had ever heard of. To me, it was just another term to describe our future blended family. I really had no clue that it was a style of parenting, until I read more about it, forRead more

First Big Announcement!

I don’t usually pop in on the weekend, unless there’s something really exciting going on! Which today is no exception, BUT before I tell you why, we need to rewind a few years. When I was first tossed into the Step-Mom role (ok not tossed, I semi knew what I was getting myself into) the daysRead more

Happy Halloween!

From our gnome to yours, we wish you the spookiest and safest Halloween!  This year, Carson and Ava are with their Mom for the holiday. Ava is a tsum tsum Minnie Mouse and Carson is a Ghostbuster. Hopefully we’ll get a few pics! Happy Halloween! Can’t wait to see all your pics of your costumesRead more