5 Friday Favorites | 30

I apparently definitely and completely jinxed us Minnesotaners last week and I am oh so excited about it! Snow is a coming! This Mama is happy. The last few weeks of 60º has been the absolute best way to break up the long and usually dreary February, but I miss my winter. It’s back! I will attest thatRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 28

It has been a rough tech week for me. Working online and writing a blog means I am 100% reliant on servers and the internet working properly. This week both were in cahoots against me. Sunday the blog went down (thank you to all those that alerted me and were so patient with me!). Thankfully itRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 17

Some weeks fly by, because they’re filled with wonderful activities and so much fun, they’re just gone before you know it! Some weeks seem like they’re never.going.to.end. Sadly, we were the latter this week and I’m thrilled for some quiet this weekend. We’ve been so busy lately every weekend in good ways, but it’ll beRead more

Monday’s Menu || Buffalo Chicken Pasta

It’s Monday! The start of a short week for work, school, and a little extra time for house projects and family time ♥ If you’re looking for a new recipe to try out this week, this is it – I promise! I’d like to take full credit for my favorite dish ever, but I can’t. BuaffloRead more