5 Friday Favorites | 18

I’m back! Last week, Friday, I had no favorites. It was a rough week and I needed some sanity to return (I now blame Daylight Savings & the Super Moon occurring within one week of each other, please tell me whose great idea that was?!).

Well with a little break in there and some much needed sleep & extra time with Caleb, I feel so much more ready to tackle life and the holidays coming! How it’s already Thanksgiving, I have no idea, but it is! I’ve never really been a big Thanksgiving person, there’s lots of reasons for it, but with the kids at their Mom’s this year, my sister may or may not coming to MN, my Mom is currently under the weather (any and all prayers appreciated!), and Caleb not even liking turkey, it’ll be low key. Not very exciting, but I think we all need it. The saving grace? Green bean casserole. I’ve been waiting. Yum! Only the best thing ever. Need the best pie recipe to bring? Check out my favorite french silk! Super easy and 100% delicious.

one// Caleb’s cousin is getting married in January! I’m so excited. I LOVE a good wedding and we don’t have enough around here. I’m on the younger side of the family, so most of my family is already married. Thankfully, Caleb’s family has fully embraced and welcomed me into their family (I know not all “second” wives are so lucky).

Anyway, her bridal shower was this weekend and it was so lovely. Her colors are purple, silver/gray, and black and it was absolutely evident when Harv and I arrived. It was all decorated with purple and gray! Plus they brought in my current obsession of mason jars, with the cutest center pieces on the tables. Purple mason jars, filled with purple and gray bead candy, tied with purple tulle and a picture of the family (He has two kids). So cute!

Colored mason jars?! Amazing, I need them in all the colors.

Plus the food was delicious! Homemade soup and salad bar, breads, and cups of snacks. Like the cute little pre proportioned veggies and dip, crackers and dip, and little desserts. I’m always so impressed these days with what people come up with for showers. I need to up my party game.



two// Gilmore Girls. Ok yes this is absolutely nothing new and to be honest I’ve seen the entire series three times already. But I decided the other day at 1:00AM with a VERY wide awake baby (Harv I’m looking at you) that I should watch a few. Well that was a week ago and I’m addicted once again. Send help. My family may need to be fed and the laundry may need to be folded. Just kidding. Well kind of. They are fed and the laundry is done, but maybe you should send help anyway.

But a few NEW things I’m so excited to share! First of all, this Etsy shop has thee cutest Gilmore Girls stuff. I’m loving on this shirt.


Second, I just got an email reminder last night and I’m all jazz hands happy about it!

In exactly one week Gilmore Girls will be returning to Netflix for one more season! To say I’m excited is an understatement. I am so torn though. Keep watching the season I’m on this time around (season 1 still in case you’re curious) or jump ahead and watch the new ones since I technically know everything that happens. Ha. I’ll keep you posted on outcome.


Thanks Netflix for the update!

three// Jack has faith formation classes once a month on Monday nights. This past week was the scheduled date again. It was a great night. The car rides have started to become my favorite time with him. I know it’s totally silly. But they’re at night, it’s dark out, the roads are quiet, and we just chat. It is the best time to get caught up with him. This week he was so funny and decided to play “would you rather”. In the 12 minute car ride, we must’ve answered like 600 questions.

The message was also pretty amazing when we actually got there and I’m pretty sure it was one of those “God, I know you’re speaking to me” moments. It was all about finding a time and schedule to pray. Um yes. Have you read any of my failures all year long on my monthly updates, here, here, here, or even here? Yep. I stink. At one point the speaker even said, “If you and your spouse are too busy to sit down and pray at the dinner table, you’re too busy”. Guilty as charged. We are ALWAYS running around the kitchen putting food on 4 kids plates that prayers become a double duty thing. I hear you, God. We’ll be better.

four// Harvey’s first ice cream cone. Enough said. It was the greatest day of his life so far.


The top right pic is his “Harv, smile” pic ha. That kid.


five// A light switch. Yes. People, a light switch. This is big, I mean REAL BIG. Ok, we moved into our house 3 years ago and the light switch into our laundry room has always been in the most awkward place ever. It was at like my head height and the opposite side of how the door opens. So it was backwards, too high, and SUPER annoying. 

Until today (well yesterday, actually), but that amazing husband of mine completely rewired the entire laundry room to add in a new outlet for the freezer we have in there, 4 new lights so it’s brighter, and a new PROPERLY placed light switch**. I’ve gone done there multiple times now, just to use it. #totallynormal

It’s amazing. I may have been without internet and power for a while (I’ll take a few extra hours of work off happily!), but I’m thrilled to have a normal, short person friendly light switch.

What about you? I hope you had a better week, too! Goodbye Super Moon and Daylight Savings. Good luck preparing your holiday plans this weekend! In one week, we’ll be decorating for Christmas and I am beyond thrilled!


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**he’s actually done lots more in there, these are just what I’ve currently paid attention to. Ha. Sorry babe?