Setting February 2017 Goals

It’s February and I’m ready to tackle some new goals (and some repeat offenders…)! Read about January’s goals here or here. Just like every other month, it’s very full with activities and plans, but I know we can squeeze a few goals in there and work towards them as well! one//Help Caleb finish Ava’s room.Read more

December & 2016 Goals Update!

I think I’m on repeat here, but how 2016 is already over is beyond me. I once heard the years go faster the older you get, well if that’s true I must be closing in on my mid life crisis here because warp speed everyone. I literally remember the morning (New Years day 2016 toRead more

Camp Odayin – Camp for Kids with Heart Disease

Jack has hypo plastic left heart syndrome. He was born with a heart anomaly & happily and healthily lives to tell the tale. Mostly. He has zero recollection of any it besides stories and pictures and books I’ve told him. But he is happy and healthy. **If you want to know more about what heRead more