Collection of My Favorite Posts | Blogtember #19 

It’s Monday! A new week with more hope for work than the last, Caleb is home from work now, and after school we’ll have all the kids together again. Looking like a great (and busy) week ahead! Also, Harvey is 15 months today. How did this happen?!

Anyway, I’ll deal with my sorrows of an aging baby later. Today we’ll be taking a glimpse into history by my visiting some of my favorite posts! (I’m slightly uncomfortable with like self advertising here, but I do think you’ll enjoy them and if you’re new you’ll get a better idea of who we are!)

I love reading birth stories! I pretty much have decided I have a mini obsession with labor and delivery. I love them because every single one is so emotional, raw, and open. Telling this beautiful story of a little miracle. I do realize not all end in happiness. But, I feel connected to those families too, because I’ve walked down that dark path as well. Each story is as unique as the family telling it and I love the beauty in that. Ok, go read Harv’s.


As a crafter and DIYer wannabe, I love new projects. I love them even more when I try them and they exceed my expectations! Earlier this year, Jack and I (more the latter) worked on a mobile for over Harvey’s crib and I still stare at lovingly. What started out as wish for a confetti style mobile turned into origami birds and I’m oh so glad it did! Find the tutorial here.



Holidays are the best and I totally try to pack in as much as possible. The last big holiday we celebrated with all 6 of us was the 4th of July, complete with Harv’s first parade, swimming at my parent’s house, fancy kid drinks, a naked cake, and fireworks. Want the recipe? Check it out here!


The last one is a recent, maybe you’ve seen it, but I’ve collected some of my favorite things to give to you! It started out as ‘I just wanted to thank all of you for being so supportive and awesome’ deal, then some of the companies added more to my order! How awesome for you. Enter here! I don’t want you to miss out.

So those are my favorite posts I’ve written, but reader favorites are much different!

What do you like reading about when you find a new blog? Certain topics? Certain styles? Would love to hear!