Easter Weekend Recap

Easter Weekend Recap Feature Image

What a wonderful and busy weekend! I so hope you had a joyful time with all your family and/or friends! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the concept of “Even though Friday happens, Remember Sunday is coming.” It’s such a positive light to focus on in any aspect ofRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 33

Friday Favorites Five on Friday

I had a post written that was all fun and wonderful and you’ll read most of it. But I also can’t deny what is going on in the world either. So as I sit here safely, happily, and surrounded by my family- my heart goes out to those who are not in the same circumstance.Read more

Happy 9th Birthday Jack!

My sweet boy, You made me a Mom 9 years ago today and I’ll never forget that brief moment I got to hold you and my whole world stood still for just a minute, until the doctors and nurses¬†rushed you away. I unintentionally¬†took a trip down memory lane last week. I was looking for aRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 24

Happy Friday! We thankfully are all on the health mend over here. Carson and Harv have just about finished all their meds and they both are back to themselves. Praise God! The first week of 2017 started out with a bang, but the rest has been pretty routine, school, work, and homework. Reality, right?! one//Read more