5 Friday Favorites | 23

Oh my gosh has this week been CRAZY. Sorry for being so MIA, but I can explain. First, it was the holidays and well ours extended from last Friday to Wednesday, so we were busy. Second, Harv came down with strep, seriously people. How an 18 month old gets strep even puzzled the docs. It’sRead more

5 Friday Favorites | 22

It’s here! Christmas weekend is really here. I cannot believe the year has gone as fast as it has. Plus, I am now officially off for the rest of 2016 and will not be returning to work for a week and a half. Hooray! Enjoy my favorites from this week, they are pretty holiday centered!Read more

October Goals Update

Happy November! Halloween was so much fun with the kids, look for more pics later this week, but Harvey definitely took to the whole process after the first house. He also refuses to let anyone else hold his candy bucket. Let’s look back at how the month of October has gone – busy and fastRead more

Summer Faves | Blogtember #3

Today’s prompt, from Bailey’s challenge, is a list of summer favorites, but for all my usual readers, pretty sure that’s all you’ve heard all summer. Meaning: boring. So for those of you that are new readers, skim and scam and scroll on down to the pics (with links)┬áto my favorite moments this summer. BUT! forRead more