Ava’s Room Reveal!

Ok so I’ve tempted you and teased you and made tons of promises about showing you Ava’s room, well I finally am showing you the big reveal on all the progress. Just like any project, it’s progress not completion that makes me happy. We still have a few minor projects to do, but overall we’reRead more

The Great Room Switcheroo | 2

An update on the bedroom switching is WAY overdue. As I looked back, I realized it’s been officially since August, but a mini update in September. It’s time. First, let’s check in with Harvey and Jack. The room has made a few tweaks over the last few months. Harvey’s mobile was added and hung aboveRead more

Room Tour | Blogtember #8

It’s moving day! Jk. We moved Harvey a while ago. Today’s prompt from Blogtember with Bailey Jean is a tour of our spaces. Now, since two rooms are still under construction, two I don’t even like walking in because the mess is daunting, and I owe you a catch up on the little boys. I’m goingRead more

The Great Room Switcheroo | 1

We are in the middle of a huge bedroom rearranging situation. Caleb is in overdrive to finish Ava’s remodel before school starts and get her out of Carson’s room. I’ve been preparing to cut the umbilical cord and get Harvey into Jack’s room from being in our room. So the house is pretty much in completeRead more