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Friday Favorites Five on Friday

I had a post written that was all fun and wonderful and you’ll read most of it. But I also can’t deny what is going on in the world either. So as I sit here safely, happily, and surrounded by my family- my heart goes out to those who are not in the same circumstance.Read more

December & 2016 Goals Update!

I think I’m on repeat here, but how 2016 is already over is beyond me. I once heard the years go faster the older you get, well if that’s true I must be closing in on my mid life crisis here because warp speed everyone. I literally remember the morning (New Years day 2016 toRead more

Summer Faves | Blogtember #3

Today’s prompt, from Bailey’s challenge, is a list of summer favorites, but for all my usual readers, pretty sure that’s all you’ve heard all summer. Meaning: boring. So for those of you that are new readers, skim and scam and scroll on down to the pics (with links)┬áto my favorite moments this summer. BUT! forRead more

Final Summer Hurrah!

We still have another official week of summer, but volleyball has started, we have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week, 2 open houses to attend, and Carson and Ava are with their Mom for Labor Day weekend so our last hurrah had to be last week – which we jumped on! I mentioned last weekRead more