If I knew what I knew now, I’d have married you sooner.

We made it. We are well out of the newlywed years.  We made it out of the blended family “honeymoon years” …  mostly unscathed. Today, marks our 3 year anniversary since the day I promise to love you forever. Three years. We have accomplished so much in three years of life together, but if IRead more

How to Plan a Wedding for Over 100 Guests in 40 Days

wedding short engagement

Yes, you read that ^ right. We planned our wedding in 40 days and it wasn’t a small wedding. No, I was not pregnant. I was, however, apparently nuts. Jk. Looking back there’s a few things I regret; but I also know it was totally doable and I think YOU should consider it too. Serious.Read more

Crazy Adventures | Blogtember #15

I struggled writing this post for today for Blogtember. I don’t do crazy. Well maybe I did when I was younger, but I don’t now nor do I want to. And I really would love not to go down a trip memory lane either. Thank you very much. Crazy adventure to me connects thrill, spontaneity,Read more