That is the question. And an answer.

To move or not to move that is the question? Daily, in fact.

When we bought this house, it was perfect for our new family. There was just enough space. 4 bedrooms, each little babe got their own, a play room, a space for my homework, a space in the garage for the Caleb’s tools and plenty of family space. It was all perfect.

Then the baby came along and an unplanned major reno and instantly I felt our house shrink. In fact, if I look hard enough I think I can still see square feet disappearing before my eyes. They say babies take up lots of space, we agree. But renovations take up even more. Babies are welcome, shower leaks are not.

CalebĀ and I used to talk daily about moving. All those pesky details with rates being low, what properties were selling for around us, where we fit in the ranking and what not. We both knew we weren’t and still aren’t ready to move. Not to mention, not one child is thrilled about this moving plan. So today we stay, but we know this is not our forever home. That meant we adjusted our to do list to make it sell ready. This way we can jump when we see the perfect place.

Some projects will be exactly what we love and some have turned into our new mantra “how will it resell?” which is not what we love creating but valuable in the end.






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