The Great Room Switcheroo | 1

We are in the middle of a huge bedroom rearranging situation. Caleb is in overdrive to finish Ava’s remodel before school starts and get her out of Carson’s room. I’ve been preparing to cut the umbilical cord and get Harvey into Jack’s room from being in our room. So the house is pretty much in complete disarray.

Jack and I have been preparing both physically and mentally for Harvey to move in. We first started by cleaning and purging Jack’s room to actually make room for a crib, rocker with ottoman and dresser space in Jack’s dressers. Knowing it wouldn’t be enough space for all of both of their things, Caleb and I began talking about new furniture. We settled on a half closed, half open book shelf. I wanted some hidden space for all the crap stuff they hoard, but also some space for pictures and other items.

So over the weekend Jack and I went to town assembling the bookshelf and rearranging his room. I was so thrilled to get the bookshelf up! I love it, exactly the style I’ve been heading towards more and more lately.



I am beyond thrilled the old, completely falling apart armoire thing is gone! Now there is lots of space to move Harv in and reconfigure all the wall hangings.

It’s ready for Harvey!

As Jack and I have been working, we’ve also been having lots of talks about what sharing a room will look like, especially given that Harvey is still so young. Jack is pretty excited and I think a little naive about the situation. It’s probably best for all of us!

Ok, where we stand now:

  • Move Harvey’s crib, rocking chair & ottoman in.
  • Once all that is in, bring in clothes and curtains and sound machine (Harvey needs his room to be just right to sleep! No jumping too fast or I’ll regret it later)
  • Decide on art, pictures, and wall hangings – which will stay, go, and where they will be placed.


  • Jack is excited and keeps asking when Harv will actually come in.
  • They will bond. Lots.
  • Harv is only really next door, possibly closer to me than when he is in our room!
  • Caleb and I will sleep better, Harvey will sleep better, and Jack will still sleep soundly through it all no matter how it really goes.
  • Caleb and I can go back to reading books, magazines, talking etc before bed actually in our bed instead of “shhhh don’t wake the baby!” all the time. That’ll be nice.
  • It’s only till we move houses.


  • Harvey and Jack will never sleep and be up all night playing.
  • Mom guilt is code red on kids sharing rooms. (Don’t even talk about Carson & Ava sharing)
  • Am I really ready for my baby to grow up and move out of our room???
  • I may get less sleep.

That’s where we leave off, for now. Still things to do and ultimately make the Harvey switch, but it’s progress and the little boys are embracing it all pretty well. I’m hopeful that it’ll be a positive change for the 4 of us, but worried it’ll blow up in our face. Never know though! With that, wish us luck, give us tips and share your sibling room stories! Please. It may ease my mind!

Also, Ava and Carson room switch will be fantastic! Zero concerns there. Can’t wait for that girl to enjoy her gorg room!!


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