The Great Room Switcheroo | 2

An update on the bedroom switching is WAY overdue. As I looked back, I realized it’s been officially since August, but a mini update in September. It’s time.

First, let’s check in with Harvey and Jack. The room has made a few tweaks over the last few months. Harvey’s mobile was added and hung above his bed and a few other decorations on Jack’s side were rearranged. Nothing major in the design factor. More so, they’re getting along great. I’ve learned to have Jack get ready for bed (as in PJs, books, night lights etc ready) prior to me getting Harv down, so as not to wake Harv. Jack enjoys having Harvey with him and Harvey has completely adjusted to being in there. His naps are awesome, bed time not so much. I blame him, not the sharing bedroom factor. The age difference has been zero issue. We’ve been pretty lucky in that regard.

Caleb and my bedroom has seen some changes, as well. It’s nice having a grown up space again. Yes Harvey still sleeps with us at night … don’t ask … but it’s looking and feeling more like our own. There’s lots we still need & want to do (like paint a different color), but here is the most updated view.



The other side of the room is empty, like literally. Ha. Without all the baby stuff, I’ve been contemplating what to do with all the newfound space. I’ll keep you posted, don’t worry. But for now, just keep your eyes this way.

I also want to remove the shelf that we hung for Harvey and put up some of our wedding photos and memorabilia, but I have commitment issues so the shelf stays for now.

I’ve mentioned it many times, but we officially moved Ava into her room after yikes are you ready for this? almost 2 years. Yep that’s a long renovation. After a leaky shower where moisture and mold spread all over the bathroom and her bedroom, we (ha! Caleb.) gutted and redid the whole thing. He raised the drop ceiling to regular height, added in an actual ceiling (goodbye ceiling tiles!) rewired, sheet rocked, mudded, etc. etc. etc. It was a project. That man continues to amaze me each day. Updates scheduled to post next week, stay tuned! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

She is loving having her own space again and we actually all enjoy being in there! We’ve been reading nightly Christmas books in there! Carson’s room also got a great cleaning after moving Ava and all her stuff out. It was needed desperately. So far they’ve been adjusting just fine without each other. I was a little worried about Carson since he enjoyed having Ava in there with him. He has big plans though for all the room now. Oh boy. That’s a little scary.

So we currently stand with a 4 bedroom house again! Carson in his own room, Ava in her own room and Jack and Harvey sharing and it’s all working out pretty perfectly. I feel like we are finally settling into this house nicely.

I even sorted the last move in box this last week! Yep 3 years later. I can officially say we’re moved in! Ha.

Come back next week for Ava’s official room reveal!

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