The Kids Behind the Blog | January 2017

It’s January and time for a check in with the kiddos! I actually have two posts today, as it’s also Jack’s birthday! Go check out a letter to him on his big day here. But it’s also the second Wednesday of the month, so we’re checking in for The Kids Behind the Blog.

Each month I will ask my kiddos a handful of questions that the TKBTB hosts provide and then share those answers with us in a link-up post the second Wednesday of each month. Check out last month here!


Simple enough, right? Read on for their answers! First one for the year! New button and images from the hosts. I love little touches like that! Makes the New Year so much more exciting. Plus I have a soul that needs constant change. I’m working on contentment.

Question 1:// What’s your favorite thing to do or play inside?

Carson: My tablet. 

Ava: Make forts and inside the fort watch YouTube on my tablet.

Jack: Play legos or play on my tablet.


Question 2:// (We live in MN, we’ve seen snow. I assure you.) What’s your favorite snow activity?

Carson: Sledding! 

Ava: Snowboarding.

Jack: Build a fort.


Question 3:// What was your favorite Christmas gift you received?

Carson: Ecto Goggles from my Grandma. 

Ava: My computer from Mom.

Jack: Deep Sea Exploration Lego set from Grandpa and Grandma or the Bad Kitty book from Mom and Dad.


Question 4:// What’s your favorite winter vacation you’ve went on?

Carson: The one where it was longer than this. 

Ava: Going to Duluth.

Jack: Nothing we didn’t go on any. I’m serious.


Question 5:// What you rather live where it’s warm all year round or have the four seasons?

Carson: 4 seasons because you can cool down again after a hot summer. Plus hot cocoa isn’t good when it’s hot. 

Ava: 4 seasons, because I don’t like hot weather.

Jack: Warm all the time, like Florida. Or the the United Kingdom.

Ok sooo hmm how I feel about this. Apparently Caleb and I failed on Christmas gifts this year as nothing we got hit the top ha bummer. They’re all also unanimous that their tablet is their favorite indoor play thing. Oh screens, you double edge sword. To clarify, we have a mini hill in our backyard and a kids “learning” snowboard, so don’t get all excited thinking Ava is some little snowboarding prodigy. Does make me think we should get the kids on the slopes though! As for our winter vacations, Caleb and I don’t believe in pulling kids out of school so they consider winter vacation the holiday break which was super short this year. Ava and Carson do go each year to Duluth (about 2 hours North) to see Christmas lights with their Mom. Andddd I’m totally shocked about the 4 seasons. I’m totally a 4 seasons kind of person, but I would’ve bet anything each kid would’ve said hot hot hot!

I love checking in with the big kids each month. They’re all getting bigger and less interested each day to be in front of my camera and have family time. It’s hard but I still can wrangle them in for a few pics and updates here and there!

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. I love hearing what big kids have to say! And screen time is always a favorite! I’m actually shocked mine didn’t answer with iPad or TV! Thanks for linking up with us!

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