It’s Time to Agree

I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be. I started this blog a long time ago (although if I’m being honest I really didn’t get the rhythm until months after that). I decided to start it after a conversation with my sister about the internet’s plague of perfection.

We had read an article (forgive me as I have no idea on the source today) about how social media and the internet only represent an incredibly small percent of our lives, but it’s the only portion the majority of the world sees and Lord knows most don’t share their skeletons. It’s creating mental and emotional health concerns for people. I was frustrated.  I thought it was unfair. I wanted to give people something that was real, raw, and show that life can still be still amazing even without the perfection that is so intimidating and sometimes painful.

A year + later I fell into that trap hard. Yes I try to tell it like it is. Read here or here about my vents on life. And my pictures are 99.99% candids with junk in the back. BUT, as I sat on the floor this past weekend grumpy with my two boys who wouldn’t sit still so I could take the “perfect” styled photo – it hit me hard. I was there. I had a moment (hopefully only 1!) where I turned into what I never wanted to be.

Perfectionism is stressful. Big time. For everyone involved. Hosting the perfect party, displaying the perfect photo, perfectly behaved children. I could go on. It’s not realistic, its not always fun, it’s NOT healthy. I repeat not healthy. Your guests will never know if you wanted red napkins and the store only had green. The photo is a memory keeper, what fun are memories when it’s associated with anger? Well, I’d love perfectly behaved children ha! That’s just not going to happen. I know better.

I get it though. Perfection sells. Perfection is desirable. We all want to be perfect. But we’ll never be. We’re human. So I’m sorry. I’m sorry when I get the comments that oh you have a perfect family or you have perfect kids or perfect this perfect that. Boo I say. I’m not perfect… and I don’t want to be! I’m sorry if I let you down. I want to be real. I don’t want to be stressed trying to be perfect when, heck, not so perfect is so much more fun!

So, can’t we all just agree? Sometimes perfection isn’t best. Let all embrace a little ‘Almost Perfect’ and cut ourselves a break.


3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Agree

  1. Amen . Life is not perfect; I used to be a perfectionist with my paintings and it wasn’t as pleasurable as when I relaxed and realized that some imperfections actually improved the product and made it more realistic… Has my kind, perfectionist son read this? HA….. {;

  2. Cheers to that! We need to start a movement that lowers the bar for mamas everywhere. We can call it the mediocre moms movement. Lol

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