Ways to Save Money | Blogtember #17

Today’s prompt from Bailey was to do a vlog! I’m talking money, specifically ways to save money on modest incomes and lots of kids!


Show Notes:

If you’re like me, watching a video isn’t always conducive to your time. Maybe you’re rocking a baby to sleep or sneaking in a quick quiet moment. So here’s what you may have missed!

  • Use coupons and buy things on sale.
  • Don’t buy spontaneously.
  • Do your research (see the infographic below!)
  • Cut luxury spending when possible – you do still need to enjoy life.
  • Check your benefits at your work! You may be missing out.
  • Look for discounts on health, home, and car insurance.


**Used from Business Insider.


Anything I missed?! I’d love to know. I”m always looking for new ways to save money and put it back into our wallets!


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2 thoughts on “Ways to Save Money | Blogtember #17

  1. Oh I love the recap for if we can’t watch the video! I often catch up in the middle of the night while nursing so I can’t watch videos with sound so that was super thoughtful! I also like your little notes and thoughts you included in your video…you can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it!

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