Week |end| Rewind 2

The next few weekends we are jam packed with all sorts of fun things, so I decided to keep up with the Week |end| Rewinds for a while! Usually, our weekends are filled with homework, chores, and errands so kind of blah catch up from the chaotic week. Don’t worry after the holiday season, the regular scheduled programming will return!

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Friday, Jack had off of school so the weekend started on Thursday! Thursday was Fire Truck Santa day in my parent’s neighborhood. Read more about it here. Friday morning I had a few meetings, so Caleb spent the morning hanging out with the boys. After my meetings, we decided to head out for lunch and get gyros. I’m addicted now. We haven’t had them at home for a while, I should make them again.

After lunch, Caleb had to go into work for the weekend, so Jack and I did some homework and laundry while we waited for Harvey to wake from his nap. Then the three of us headed out shopping for Christmas outfits. It was an adventure. I needed to find something fancy, but also something they’ll actually wear. Boys.

AND I needed something purple for Jack to wear to match his grade level at Church. PURPLE?! Yes people, purple. For a boy. I found a purplish (emphasis on ISH) zip up hoodie at Old Navy. Yes it’s not dressy, but there was NOTHING purple and dressy. He has khaki dress pants, some nice plain button ups, so I figured I could pull something together. Purple. Geesh.

Saturday, Harv woke up early 5:00am early. Oofta 18 month sleep regression is strong with this one. After lounging for a while, I got the boys dressed in their fancy clothes, woke up Caleb, and frantically tried to get us all out the door by 9:30. I failed by the way ha. It was 9:47am to be exact. Not that I was counting. Then Harv fell asleep in the car (that’s what happens when you wake up 2 hours early).

All the fuss for Breakfast with Santa! One of my favorite things of the season! My Dad’s work has a great event where they have breakfast, crafts, activities, games, and the absolute best Santa you’ve ever seen. I don’t even know how many years we’ve been now, but it’s so awesome having the same sweet old man for the kids to talk to and take pictures with. The morning was perfect, minus Harv not really liking Santa. Better luck next year. Either way, checking this off our holiday bucket list. Enjoy the photo dump!


Please, Daddy, no.
Harv wasn’t into Santa. Maybe you can tell.
I call this: perfection.
Fancy “present” hair. Prettiest little present I know!



Decorating cookies!
Decorating cookies!


After breakfast, we headed home, Harv took a nap while I cleaned (yep I guess some things never change on the weekend). Then my sister and nieces headed over for a dinner and play date. My kids need to up their sharing game.

Sunday I woke up with a cold of the worst kind. I plowed through like any parent does and got the kids up and ready for the day, then brought Jack to my parent’s house for a play date. He was spoiled with playing in the freshly fallen snow with them, brunch out, holiday cookie baking, and so much more as usual.

While Jack was gone, Harv and I caught up on a last minute errand I completely forgot about. Ava is student of the week this week and was so excited because for the first time in her school career, the teacher gave her enough time to make her poster at both houses. That girl was beaming. It made me happy and sad all at the same time. Anyway she needs pictures of her family and so we ran to get some printed of our family.

I also snuck in some extra time working on photo books for the kids while Harvey napped. After nap we met Jack and my parents at the local community center for Ice Skating with Santa. It was a blast!

He really was fascinated by this adventure. #donttouchtheglass #rebel
He really was fascinated by this adventure. #donttouchtheglass #rebel
Santa lost some weight. Must be the skating.
Santa lost some weight. Must be the skating.

Santa came by to wave and hang around Harvey for a while through the glass. He was not ok with it, until he waved “bye” then all was right in the world again. Hmm. Santa is not doing so good on this one.

These two had so much fun!
These two had so much fun!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Do anything fun? Anything you can cross of your holiday list? Bring on Monday!




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