Week |end| Rewind 3

This weekend was just as busy and holiday filled as last week and the week before! Although I had planned to take the boys to the Christmas Train on Saturday, I ended up scratching that plan because I was running on under 5 hours of sleep, had an extra 8 hours of work to finish over the weekend, and the house was a disaster. Maybe next year. I know that Jack and Harv would love it!

Friday¬†Harv and I picked Jack up from school and then my sister and my nieces came over for a play date and pizza dinner. It was a great relaxing night which was much needed after a busy work week. After the boys were in bed, I worked all night, ugh my least favorite Friday night activity, but I’ve been swamped and behind. So it was necessary.

Saturday was spent cleaning, working and being pretty boring catching up. We did head over to my parents as we were invited for buffalo chicken pasta dinner. It was different than the recipe I use, but just as delicious! I’ll make it after the holidays and get the recipe to you all as well! Then you can decide which is better!

Sunday was really the big day on our weekend. We woke up and immediately got ready to go to church, Jack had his Advent Concert to go to after Mass. For the little time they have to prepare, the concert always turns out so nicely! Each grade level coordinates in a special color (Jack’s was purple and we bought an outfit last weekend.)

Right after the concert, we went to the hall for the St. Nicholas Breakfast that is put on. It was your typical breakfast menu with french toast, sausage, eggs, and bananas and juice or coffee. St. Nicholas came around passing around candy canes and told me that Harvey looks just like Ellen (as in Ellen Degeneres). Um say what? I don’t think so. He also told me that I MUST get that all the time. Um again. No I do not hear that my baby boy looks like Ellen often. Hmm. Actually ever.

Least his costume was on point.

With all the snow that fell overnight, I was prepared to go home after church, the concert, and breakfast, get Harvey down for a nap and then shovel but I had a few surprises in store! The first was that my Mom doesn’t like driving in the snow so she ended up coming home with as after breakfast, because she planned on babysitting anyway later in the day. So I now recruited¬†a partner in crime (well, shoveling). But as I was putting Harv down and my Mom started shoveling, our neighbor came and bailed us both out which was awesome! I think he saw me struggling to get the car up the driveway hill and into the garage. I’ll take the pity if it means no shoveling!

Then we played! Until Jack and I had to leave for his First Confession in the afternoon and my mom stayed with Harvey. We don’t get my Mom all to ourselves very often so it was a nice treat.

Jack’s First Confession went (mostly) so nicely. It was a little disorganized, which is unusual for our church, but other than that it was great. They made special hearts to wear, then received clean ones afterwards along with a Jesus plaque. He was beaming all afternoon! He said he felt good. Love him so much! We celebrated with take out Panera as it was too cold and snowy to bring the baby out. My Dad even joined us.

He’s growing up so fast. Gah.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! That it was filled with holiday fun, preparations, and lots of time with family and friends! If it wasn’t and it was filled with chores and sleep, that’s just as awesome sometimes.


Happy Monday!




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