Week |end| Rewind 4

Well, contrary to expectations there was no giant blizzard on Friday. It was still frigid all weekend though, so our hibernation was in full effect! I even tested out buying diapers on Amazon Prime. I didn’t realize that there was none left in storage. Oops. So I took advantage of buying christmas presents and diapers! Seriously, it was great – free delivery, accepted coupons, and I stayed warm 🙂 Want more weekend updates? Check out last week’s here.

Let’s rewind though to Friday!

Friday, Harv and I tested out his new carseat while waiting in line to pick up Jack. I’m happy to report that he was in love with the giant beast! We hung out, played in the car while it snowed, and waited for Jack to come from school. Jack came out of school with the biggest gingerbread diorama I’ve ever seen! I knew they were making them in school, but this was nothing like I was prepared for. I was told milk carton gingerbread house. Not wooden platformed gingerbread diorama. When did this change in school!?

After the 3 minute drive home, we checked out the diorama (Harv may or may not have had a stage 5 meltdown for not eating the house) and then got ready for our night. I made the kids’ their favorite dinner and then we started making snickers candy fudge. Since it is a process, we started early and I knew I’d be committed to it all night. In between chilling layers, I got both boys showered/bathed, in Christmas jammies, and settled into blankets and pillows on the floor for a movie night. We opted for Paddington. It’s so cute how they cuddle into each other and I can breathe. Win win! After I got the boys to bed, I finished up the snickers, finished work, and watched some Gilmore Girls. Yep still going strong.

On Saturday, after Caleb shoveled and Jack played outside in the 4-5 inches we did have of snow, Caleb went to work and Jack and I went to town on baking. We started with the sugar cookie dough as it should chill first.

Side note, last Friday I mentioned the sugar cookie was my Great Grandma’s recipe and it was amazing. Well….. they are amazing, BUT it is not my Great Grandma’s! I lost my copy of her recipe, so I asked my sister to find the recipe and in the process my mother told her it was from an old bowling league friend. Say WHAT?! Talk about losing the sentimental value of the cookie. Sigh. How I never knew this before, God only knows. Moving on from that sadness.

Once the dough was in the fridge, we started on the peanut butter blossoms. They are fast, easy, and all the kids love them. It’s always a cookie on the list. As the blossoms cooked, we cut out the shapes for the sugar cookies. The Santa, Angel, and Reindeer, although cute, are also so hard to get to keep their shape, so Jack decided that the holly, Christmas tree, star, and snowman were the shapes of the day.

Harvey woke up from his nap just in time to see massive amounts of cookies on the counter (over 6 dozen). I’m pretty sure he considered it Baby Heaven.

I get asked a lot – the sugar cookies are white from white shortening. I like it better.

After the baking craze had settled down, Jack, Harvey, and I snuggled in for some hot cocoa and snuggles. Sorry Harv you can have hot cocoa one day. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Probably not the next day either.

My sister and my two nieces also decided to join the fun, so they came over for dinner, play time, and enjoy some of the peanut blossoms and snickers. They were gone fast! I’ll take it as a good sign. After bed time, I finished up a really exciting project I can’t wait to tell you about, but you’ll have to wait! Stay tuned, you’ll find out very soon 🙂

Sunday usually we head to church in the morning, run a few errands, and then spend the rest of the day doing something fun before the week begins and everyone is running in millions of different directions. With the weather colder than the Antarctic (yes I looked it up), I decided that it probably isn’t safe for the babe to be out, plus he’s been battling teething, a cold, and no sleep, so hanging around the house another day is good. The morning was spent finishing decorating cookies. I even planned the day before for Harv to participate in the decorating, so he had a few “leftover” dough cookies. There was more eating than decorating on his part.

While Harv napped, Jack and I tackled our last (thank goodness!) baked good, the one I looked forward to the most: the cranberry bliss bars. It was a new recipe, usually I’m hesitant when trying something new, but it turned out amazing! It was perfect and I’m unashamed to admit that I’ve eaten more than 1 (or 3).

The rest of the night was pretty blah and usual Sunday night business stuff: dinner, bathes/showers, packing up for school, etc.

I had planned to finish up Christmas cards Sunday night to get them in the mail today, BUT I received this awesome (read: not awesome) email telling me that the last component of our cards I’ve been waiting on and expecting back on Saturday would still not arrive for days. So my apologies. Maybe they’ll arrive in your mailboxes by New Years.

Our holiday to do list is getting checked off very quickly! I even managed to do some online shopping and cross of all the kids last minute things. Win!

Happy Monday, 6 days and counting! Good luck with well the mondays and the others out there in a panic!

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