Year in Review | Blogtember #28

Days away from October, the end of Blogtember, and Ava’s Silver Birthday! Today’s prompt is 5 pictures that represent your year, and I’m straying a little and doing 6. I just couldn’t squeeze all our life into only 5 pictures!

one// House Renovations. The biggest thing Caleb has been working on this year is Ava’s room and the bathroom remodel. It has been a HUGE undertaking for anyone, let alone 1 person, while still working full time and still working hard to be full time Dad, too. He’s my hero.


two// Graduation. Seriously, any family that is supporting one person while going back to school. I commend you. It’s a HUGE undertaking for every single person. I’m lucky beyond belief that my people love me enough to have let me do this. Also. It’s done so there’s that.


three// Harv’s monthly pictures. Being a year and keeping track of it all has been fun and exciting to see him grow. Each month I took a picture like 600 pictures of him on his personalized blanket my Mom and I made then edited the pic to include all the little details I never wanted to forget. That was a lot of time, effort, and love.


four// Harv turned one. That was big. Enough said. Maybe next year he’ll actually eat (or even smash, please buddy?! I’ll take anything!) his cake.


five// Kids Activities. I chose Carson’s cub scout pictures, because he graduates to Boy Scouts this year. It’s a big deal! We are so proud of all that he has accomplished with scouts. Jack also did swimming, track, and working on faith formation classes. Ava started volleyball and softball. So fun to see them grow more into themselves!


Six// Two Years of Marriage! And lots of cooking with my Chef. This picture represents our love of cooking together and Caleb’s amazing skills in the kitchen. I’m not ashamed to admit, his food won my heart. Ok not entirely, but a super bonus! The apron was also our second wedding present this year (traditional gifts are cotton), so we totally have matching wedding color themed aprons ♥!



What would your year look like? Any big announcements or big moves? Or was yours quiet and filled with contentment? Our year has been mostly quiet, and I love it. It’s been nice.


4 thoughts on “Year in Review | Blogtember #28

  1. Today I start another circle around the sun…love my birthday! (in no order) #1. family vacation. Family+Beach=My Happy Place. #2. My baby turned 2. He is -OUR baby. We all celebrate his milestones. #3.Our new puppy Louie. He loves snuggling, camping, walks and taprooms..the perfect pup for our family. #4 Love Andover Elementary! (I am challenged and learn something new everyday). LOVE that my kids and I are at the same school (such a blessing to walk down the hall at work and get stopped to get a big hug from my kids…they still think it’s cool to see their mom at school. It won’t always be that way). #5. Summertime- yup a whole season. Sleeping in, days at the pool, playing in the backyard, drinks with my hubby on the deck and late night binge Netflix watching. summer!!!

  2. PS. THANK YOU so much for the goodies in the mail!!! LOVE them all and everything came a day early! A great birthday surprise!!! 🙂

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