29 Reasons I Feel Old Lately

Tomorrow is my birthday! Yep, another year blessed. I will be turning 29 years old. To ring in the the last year of my 20s on a positive note, let’s go through the 29 reasons I feel old! Come on, it’ll be fun!

In no particular order….

  1. 4 children. Thankfully I have no gray hairs from them, yet.
  2. 2 degrees – totaling 23 years in a formal education institution.
  3. I legitimately love my minivan.
  4. I’m more excited about house decor and projects than the makeup I’m wearing. *
  5. Showers are a luxury.*
  6. Friday nights consist of laundry, children’s books, and baby snuggles.
  7. I have a retirement account that I contribute to each paycheck.
  8. I wish I could go to bed at 9 PM and take a nap daily.
  9. I enjoy watching the evening news.
  10. I do my own taxes (well and Caleb’s, we file joint).
  11. My vacation days at work are spent at my kids’ schools doing volunteer work or chaperoning field trips.
  12. When I shop, it’s new clothes for the kids. *
  13. I find dishes and folding laundry soothing.
  14. I enjoy cooking fancy meals (according to the kids).
  15. We use a paper checkbook.
  16. When we double date – it’s with a family. A family double date.
  17. We’ve started having “talks” with our big kids. Yikes. That one’s scary.
  18. We have more afternoon dates than we do at night.
  19. People come to me for advice on life, parenting, marriage, etc.
  20. I have more apps on my phone for our utility services than games.
  21. Speaking of apps, snapchat?! What. Yea. I thought I was young and cool. Pass. Let’s not even talk about Pokemon Go.
  22. Most of my friends are the Moms of my kids.
  23. We have a plan and budget for everything.
  24. My middle school and high school students use slang I’ve never heard of. They’re happy to teach it to me though.
  25. I cry at Disney movies.
  26. I know pretty much every in and out about health insurance and I’ve never worked a day in that field in my life.
  27. I cannot go to bed unless the house is tidied up and all the pillows fluffed. Maybe that’s not old. Maybe that’s just my Mom coming out in me 😉 love you Mom!
  28. I’ve been counting down the days till our driveway is resurfaced. Soo excited! (t-minus 5 days)
  29. I know my credit score off hand.

There you go – all 29 reasons why I’m feeling old.

I also could easily list 29 reasons why I don’t feel old enough to claim half of the responsibilities I do and some may seem like a negative to you – snapchat? Huh maybe one day. But I love my life and I’m proud of where I stand today. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve accomplished a lot in my “adulting” years and am looking forward to a quiet last year in my 20s! Bring on the celebrations 🙂


* Seriously though, I promise I’m not a slump.

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