4 Steps to a Holiday Ready Clean House

The holidays are officially upon us! I love hosting parties and volunteering for extra things for Caleb and I to do. Thankfully, he’s gotten used to me and is a really great spirt about it. I also love a clean house and it is an absolute MUST when people are coming over!

I honestly hear all the time the shock of how clean our house is every time people come over. The expectation with 4 kids, 2 full time jobs, and a renovation is that it should be messy. Yes, the expectation is that, but I disagree. Only a few people have ever come over when it’s not clean to my standards and even then they still comment on the cleanliness. So I’m going to share my 4 steps to a party hosting, family reading, perfectly clean home!

  1. Purge. Yep this is the biggest and the hardest step but it will make the best impact. I 100% guarantee that right now there are things in your house you don’t need, don’t want, or don’t use. I’m great at purging and I know for a fact I have stuff that can go. Having too much stuff makes your home appear cluttered, which equates to messy and unclean. Clean closets, shelves, bins, etc. Look through everything & purge! Donate or toss. If it hasn’t been used in 6 months (unless it’s seasonal) get rid of it. You’ll feel lighter. It’s a great feeling!
  2. Clean. Once everything is purged, find the cleaning supplies and clean everything really well. One nice solid deep clean. I’m a lover of Norwex products and Seventh Generation. If Norwex was available in the store (procrastinator here!) I’d be 100% sold; however, it’s not so Seventh Generation to the rescue!
  3. Organize. I like to clean before I organize that way I know that no matter what I move or where I move it, it’s already clean and ready to go. Bins, totes, and baskets are my go to for the pantry, our closets, and the crawl space.
  4. Maintain. Ok all of the above 3 steps are useless if this is not followed through. The continued smaller maintenance is vital to keeping the house clean. The holidays are only a few weeks long if you really look at it from Thanksgiving to Jack’s Birthday in our case (January 11th). That’s 6-7 weeks. One serious deep clean and then daily to weekly small maintenance makes all the difference. We reset our house each and every night. Caleb is usually on kitchen duty, I’m on toys, family room, and the upstairs bathroom. With the daily maintenance that we do (and the kids do help!), we are never more than a quick tidy and clean up from any guests coming over. Maintenance is key to a clean house. 

I promise that with a little upfront effort and following my 4 steps, you’ll have a clean and guest ready house all through the holiday season!


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