5 Friday Favorites | 1

5. ) Jack, Ava, Harvey and I had a few errands to run and one of them was stopping by the cutest little farmhouse style boutique by our house. I could spend days in here wandering around. I had a promotion to test out a sample of their country chic paint so I picked that up – you can too, click the link! But the store also had this game where if you found the twin of a statue at the cash register you’d get a bag of jelly beans. Wait, you mean hide and seek and candy?! My kids were all over it! Not sure yet what I’ll DIY with the paint, but I promise I’ll keep you posted!


**not sponsored and no idea the quality of the paint yet. Just wanted to give it a try and pass the opportunity for a free sample along to you! Plus I’m loving on these beautiful colors!

4.) We made a trip to the local beach this week. It was great and one of the first times I really felt that Harv got into the whole beachin it idea. The big kids, sans Carson (he’s at camp) played in the sand and water tons and Harvey pushed around a truck all over the grass. He still isn’t into the whole sand on his hands idea. He’s a “clean” kid!


Oh snacks galore!

3.) We finally installed the new front door, bringing the official tally to 8 replaced doors in this house. Loving the bright happiness it brings, can’t wait for new house paint and working on a house number update!


2.) This pretty much hits the top of the charts for making me happy, but Harv took his first steps on Wednesday! We were all getting ready for dinner in the kitchen and he was playing with the stools, looked at Jack who had his hands out and off he went like it was no big deal. He was rewarded with cheers, hugs, and kisses ♥ aww do we love that babe. But if that wasn’t enough, he has also taken a liking to milk! Yay! I was worried I’d be nursing forever with this one. Ok not really, but milk from a sippy is a pretty big step in the weaning process. Big week for this little man!



Now if I can just get those steps on video!

1.) The best thing this week was a date with Caleb! It was perfect. We did sushi take out, brought it to a new park with a blanket and had a picnic looking over the Mississippi. It was warm, sunny, nice breeze, and very few people around. I love quiet moments with him to recharge ourselves and our marriage. It definitely was the best part of the week!

Hope you had a great week!




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