5 Friday Favorites | 2

5.) The kids had parent’s day this week. Something that Jack and Ava have been looking forward to for weeks. A while back they asked if they could be the parents for a day and make all the rules and do all the chores. A day of rule leniency for no chores for Caleb and I? Heck yes. They were pretty awesome about rules; yes a few were bent and stretched, but they were pretty reasonable too. They are still learning to cook so Caleb and I both helped them with lunch and dinner of tacos and spaghetti. But my fave part of the day was having all the extra help with cooking, prep, and clean up! It honestly was a fantastic break. Carson was a little eh on the situation, but eventually asked if he could have a day to switch too. Sounds like a plan to me!

4.) These two. They make my heart melt. The love they have for each other is such a blessing and so evident. I love watching their relationship grow together.


Caleb was working on cleaning out the drain. What a lame and mundane chore and one I thankfully don’t have to do. Anyway, Harv loves doing any job with Caleb and this was extra fun as the vinegar and baking soda made lots of bubbles. Caleb even got a “good job Dad” pat on the back ♥


3.) For part of my birthday present, Caleb ordered me a lettering embossing kit. It has two Ranger Ink pens, Ranger Ink embossing glitter in gold, and a heat gun. Since I used to do scrapbooking, I knew how to use the tools and have been drooling over some of the lettering projects I’ve seen around! Needless to say I was thrilled and have been playing with it all week! I also have tons of plans for the holidays. So excited! I’ve been looking into more glitter colors too.


2.) This past week a local headband company, Urban Halo, had a deal where you could test out their product. All you had to do was pay shipping or buy another and get both shipped for free. I went for the latter. They both came within 3 days! Amazing! The free headband for the “gals” was the navy blue and I picked out the teal. Totally my color scheme! They had tons of solids or patterns to choose from.


I’ve been wanting to test them out for quite some time. A good friend of mine swears by them for her and her baby girl, so I thought I’d get in on the action!

Such an itty bitty pony!

Their claim to fame is being the softest headband around that won’t give you headaches, but still stays on tight. If that is true, I’m sold. Well so far, they are definitely the softest! I also have yet to wear them for a long duration, but no headaches so far! The stitching also appears to be very solid. Looking forward to wearing these for a long time!


**not sponsored. just wanted to pass along a fun deal!

1.) Even though I graduated from the U of M with my Masters of Education back in May. The day itself was a little chaotic with schedules, traffic, and coordinating all my family, so the celebration was postponed. We finally had the opportunity to celebrate Monday, which was perfect timing since my official degree came Monday in the mail!

Most expensive piece of paper I own.
Most expensive piece of paper I own.

This was a goal of mine and I’m pretty proud to cross it off my bucket list, too! We went out to dinner at one of our family’s favorite restaurants where the kids celebrated with make your own wood fired pizzas and sundaes, grown ups had dinner, drinks, and giant cookie! My family has been fantastic support system. But I owe the biggest thank you to Caleb. You were my sanity, care taker, and you had the harder job most days. Thanks for being there and pushing me through this last semester and making dinners, watching kids, holding babies, etc. You are amazing! I couldn’t have done it without you! Muah!

Have a fabulous weekend! I hope it is filled with wonderful memories with family and friends and a little quiet in there, too!




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