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It’s here! Christmas weekend is really here. I cannot believe the year has gone as fast as it has. Plus, I am now officially off for the rest of 2016 and will not be returning to work for a week and a half. Hooray! Enjoy my favorites from this week, they are pretty holiday centered! As they should be 🙂

one// Advent Concert. Carson and Ava had their Christmas/Advent Concert this past Monday at their school. For those of you that were curious from last week, Ava chose the black ones! I was shocked. I totally thought she’d go for the shiny ones. Nope, black it was. She said she could wear them more often than the gold AND she doesn’t like scalloped edges. Hmm. Guess way wrong on that, she was happy.

She also let me do her hair! It was a super proud Step-Mom moment. Usually she asks me to help, doesn’t like it (because I don’t do it like Mom) and then takes it out. Now. I’m never offended. Honest. I’m not the best at hair and I get I’m not Mom. But I was thrilled when we both fell in love with her beautiful top knot ♥ She had tons of compliments on how pretty she looked in her fancy dress and hair. I know, beauty is not everything (but I already know she’s amazing on the inside) and I never get to dress her. So yep I had fun. I like to think she did too.

The concert itself was also a blast. Both of the kids did so well! Carson even surprised us by being a bell-ringer in “Deck the Halls”. He was so into it! Caleb and I were so proud. Seriously, you guys. It was sooo cute and the best way to end his last elementary concert.

They don’t like me taking pictures of them all the time or talking about them a lot here or on social media, but they obliged this time and took lots of pictures.

two// Christmas Lights. Caleb is the best! After the concert with the kids, we had to return library books (ugh I hate the 3 week timeline, can’t they just be returned when I remember or find them all?!). He surprised us with taking us to go see the big Christmas tree in the city near us. He was just going to drive around the circle to show us, but I looked at him, asked him to park and got all the kids out and ran down the road to snap a few pics. The pics were crooked, but the kids loved the adventure and impromptu stop. So did I!

Well it was just one surprise after another that night. As we continued to the library, we drove past this holiday drive through light tour. Caleb looked over and could see the giant smile on my face (have I mentioned I love Christmas?!) so we pulled up and it was free! We drove around the fair grounds and listened to Christmas music. It was a perfect night.

three// Ava’s Gingerbread house. Last week, Jack made his gingerbread house at school. This week though was Ava’s turn and apparently big dioramas are now the expectation. Guess I’m out of touch. She has more perfectionist and traditionalist in her. She was so proud and has been begging to eat it all week. Old hard candy that every child in your class has touched? Um pass.

four// Gingerbread Villages, Hot Cocoa with Peppermint Sticks, & Christmas Movie Snuggles. Being in a blended family with rotating schedules, means that Christmas traditions and events aren’t always on the same day or in the same routine. We make the most of it and enjoy something new each season! This year since we have the kids on Christmas Day, they are with their Mom on Christmas Eve so we won’t see them for a few days. We made gingerbread houses, watched “Fred Clause” with Vince Vaughn (not little kid friendly- our big kids enjoyed it though!) and had an intermission of holiday mint hot cocoa and popcorn. It was the perfect way to kick off the holiday weekend!

I love that each little gingerbread house represents our kids perfectly. Ava’s is perfect. Harv’s is a terror. Jack’s is wild and reckless abandon. And Carson is somewhere in the middle. Learning to be fun, but still mature.
Can these two be any cuter?!

five// Retirement. Not holiday related, and sadly not my retirement. But my Dad’s! And definitely celebratory worth! Yes. Yesterday was my Dad’s last day of work, forever! Sometimes I can’t even imagine. Such a monumental moment. We have been so excited for him around here. Counting down the days (we started back in January or so), hunting down presents, saying prayers, asking him every time we saw him how excited he was, and probably driving him nuts. We are so proud of you Dad and so excited for all that free time you have now to spend with us 😉 enjoy your sleeping in till 6:15 and we’ll see you soon to celebrate! Love you!!


I hope you enjoy the weekend and have a blessed Christmas!


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