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Oh my gosh has this week been CRAZY. Sorry for being so MIA, but I can explain. First, it was the holidays and well ours extended from last Friday to Wednesday, so we were busy. Second, Harv came down with strep, seriously people. How an 18 month old gets strep even puzzled the docs. It’s extremely rare, but happens… to us. Go figure. It’s not enough that he’s been miserable, fevery, and not sleeping at all, but meeting tons of new people and traveling all week. Poor little dude. I’m really sorry. Last, Carson gets pink eye! Can’t catch a break around here. I’m really hoping our New Year is ringing in with healthy kids. Fingers crossed.

But for all the chaos on the negative side, there was so much chaos on the great side, too! This week for my favorites (the last FRIDAY of 2016!! – say what?!) I’m bringing you all our parties we attended and/or hosted. Enjoy the holiday round up!

one// Christmas Eve. Saturday started early with a visit to my parent’s for breakfast and coffee. Caleb was sleeping as he got home from work late and needed rest. I needed to drop off some presents they would be delivering that evening. We didn’t stay long, but it was a nice way to get in the holiday spirit. My Aunt & Uncle then stopped by to drop off a present for me (6 Rae Dunn Clay mugs!) and to visit, since we would’t be seeing them later. The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key which we were totally ok with. We knew the rest of the week would be crazy. My sister and nieces came over for our church’s Christmas Mass and dinner afterwards. Caleb picked up a variety of chicken breasts from the butcher earlier in the week, so I just popped them in the oven and made a few quick sides. It was a lovely evening. Minus the chaos of 4 kids running wild, extra at church, but hey it happens.

two// Christmas Day. Christmas Day was one full day of celebrating! The big boys woke up (after very very little sleep) first and once the pre-discussed wake up time occurred, woke up the rest of us. We were greeted with a Santa visit proven by half eaten cookies and strawberry milk (Jack’s offering ha!), full stockings, and new presents with special Santa wrap! The kids were all eyeing up the goods, but this year we added the pickle tradition so they went fast and furious looking for the pickle in the tree. Ava was the winner and granted the excitement of opening the first present. She was thrilled to say the least and mighty tired. After fast and furious unwrapping in a record under 30 minutes, the kids were all happily playing with toys, building houses, legos, and riding bikes. It was fantastic and fast. So fast I have like two pictures haha. Oops.

Once we all woke up a little more, we all had hot cocoa in my brand new  mugs (which I LOVE), a quick breakfast, and then got ready to head to Caleb’s Grandma’s house for caramel rolls. They are the absolute most delicious rolls I’ve ever eaten and I laughed when she told me she doesn’t even bake them from scratch anymore. Never would’ve guessed. She made 4 dozen, which sounds like a lot. However, by the time my family ate, she was down to 3. Grandma laughed and said that everyone needs to come earlier next year. Yep I guess eeks! Caleb’s Aunt also teased that as we headed out the door the house was empty again. Yes. We know. There’s lots of us.

After Grandma’s, we headed home. Harv needed a nap. The kids wanted to play. Caleb and I wanted quiet. It was a win – win – win. Until Harv woke up. Then we had a quick snack and headed to my parent’s for Christmas dinner. As soon as we arrived, we all decided to exchange gifts and open another round of Santa presents. There was 6 kids and lots of big boxes, so semi torturous otherwise. There was lots of happiness, laughter, and food. We played games, like who is the best Santa impression (Ava for the record) and tooting Christmas songs on mini recorders (I was not the best).

I wish this was focused better! Blah.
Then I convinced everyone we should do the #mannequinchallenge and it was super fun! We needed a million outtakes (more like 10 or so) but came up with two pretty good ones!

Take 1!

Take 2!

We headed home where we put the kids to bed, then planned on watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But the DVD wasn’t working and isn’t on Netflix and neither of us wanted to fork over the $4 to rent it on iTunes so we opted for Big Bang Theory Reruns and assembling baby toys.

She’s so proud!
All in all it was a fantastic and blessed Christmas!

three// Monday Night. Friendsmas! We have a few family friends that we try to visit as often as possible, but it seems like it actually happens maybe 4-5 times a year. It is hard to get together with 3 families of 3+ kids each! We’re all so busy. But we planned it out weeks in advance to have dinner at our house AND Christmas PJs, but the PJ instigator opted out so just the rest of us were in PJs. (Love you Ang!) Our plan was Italian: homemade lasagna, different pastas and sauces, and my rosemary parmesan breadsticks. (Sorry we dropped the ball on the lobster mac – next time!). There was delicious cake and Christmas cookies for dessert. The kids all have friends around the same age, so it works out pretty great. We got all the kiddos lined up for a pic in the PJs and one of the Dads goes “huh, we’ve had this many kids here all night” hahaha guess we should pay attention more!

I love her face! Priceless. Definitely the big sister “Mom! I’m trying” look!
10 kids between 7 months and 6th grade! (With 1 missing!)
four// Tuesday Night. My college roommate and I still try to stay in touch, but we live a little over 2 hours apart and both her and Caleb have crazy work schedules so it isn’t always easy. Usually it ends up being a meet in the middle type deal once in the summer/spring and once in the winter. Well thankfully, it all worked out to see her and her husband again on Tuesday! We met at a Fuddruckers, which was a first for the majority and the kids loved it! Fancy burger toppings and shakes for the win. Plus Caleb and Carson both won really loud, oinking pigs from the those claw machines. Maybe not a win? Either way, the food was good and the company was even better!

five// Wednesday Night – Caleb’s family Christmas. Wednesday day was a little awful with trips to urgent care for Harv, a frantic grocery trip with a sick baby, a cranky mom and dad (because under 2 hours of sleep), but dinner and Christmas celebrations were perfect. Caleb made the prime rib perfectly, as well as his famous mashed potatoes, and I rounded off dinner with the rest. The big kids even put on a little presentation about the meaning of Christmas. They are so cute and make me so proud! Presents were exchanged and stories were shared. It was perfect. Caleb’s Mom and Step-Dad even made it in for the week from Florida. Harv even warmed up to people by the end of the night!

Um melt my heart. Seriously. This is perfect.
Fuzzy selfie, but I’m bound to prove I was present!
It was a busy week, filled with family, love, laughter, and lots of presents. But, I’m glad it’s over, I need sleep. I hope the last Friday of 2016 is absolutely fabulous for you! Look later this weekend for a few posts and BIG announcements!

Update: I am not pregnant, but thanks for all the love! 



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