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Happy Friday! We thankfully are all on the health mend over here. Carson and Harv have just about finished all their meds and they both are back to themselves. Praise God! The first week of 2017 started out with a bang, but the rest has been pretty routine, school, work, and homework. Reality, right?!

one// New Year’s Eve. Caleb had to work and the kids were at their Mom’s this year, so it was pretty low key. Jack, Harv, and I went over to celebrate with my sister and nieces. My sister whipped up a bunch of delicious apps (some homemade, some Trader Joe’s)! Then we just hung out and let the kids play. It was so nice. I went to bed at a decent time and didn’t wake up hungover #imold However, at midnight somewhere in our vicinity (Caleb and I still have no idea where!) fireworks went off and woke us both up, which was perfect as I wished Caleb the first happy birthday and went back to bed. Ha. #reallyold

two// Caleb’s Birthday. Sunday was Caleb’s birthday! He will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t like his birthday. He doesn’t like the timing of it (I get it, it’s hard right after Christmas) and he isn’t one to like the spotlight on himself. I think I did ok this year of a good balance of making him celebrate my (as in all out!) and letting him hang out and relax. He even went out solo to wash the car and got a rest in while watching some football; although I blame the muscle relaxer he took on the nap ha. Anyway, the day was great. We went to church as a family, which is a rarity with our parenting schedule, came home and made his favorite meal ruebens! Then after Harv napped, we all went out bowling together and had pizza. We came home for lemon pie and presents. The lemon pie was a childhood favorite his Mom used to make and I secretly got the recipe for to surprise him. I think it turned out well; he enjoyed it which was the goal anyway! Happy Birthday love! Here’s to our next big 12 months together!

three// Pinky. Ok, this may seem awful on my part, but I need to express my utter joy on this. Pinky is a ginormous pink stuffed Gorilla that has been a member of Caleb’s family since before I was around and I disliked the thing with a passion. But it was a gift and Ava loved it and so I accepted it. Then Pinky got a hole in it and spread his little mini bean bag type seeds everywhere he went. So Pinky’s stuffing was working it’s way all over the lower level. After 3 years of Pinky, my dislikes have softened and so whatever, just vacuum a little more. They wore me down.

However, once we finished Ava’s room remodel, there was no space for Pinky and with him falling apart and now looking more like a bean pole than a plump gorilla, it was time to send Pinky on his way. So that wonderful husband of mine, toted the giant Gorilla out on top of our garbage can and sent him packing to the dump before the holidays and this Mama is happy. Also, none of the kids have noticed his disappearance. Win win.

In memory of Pinky:

No, he isn’t Tarzan. But yes he is little here!

Out he goes. Goodbye Pinky, nice knowing you buddy!
four// Blind Spot. Our favorite show has returned from it’s holiday break and we are thrilled to be watching again! Sadly, we still cannot watch it on the night it airs as it is sooo not child appropriate and 7:00pm doesn’t quite fit with our wide awake children. I’ve been contemplating signing up for Hulu. Any thoughts? We have an Apple TV which we love, but it takes a week for the episode to pop up in our list. So far it’s been just fine to wait, but just curious if other people use Hulu at all and if it’s worth the cost.

five// New Desk Calendar. I love shutterfly (no, not sponsored), and it’s no secret! I’ve been a loyal customer for 9+ years. They recently came out with a new easel calendar and I’m totally loving on! It’s stylish, trendy, and small. For a well used desk, I needed it small. I also love that it can be personalized with pictures. There is no space to write on the calendar, so it’s not used for planning purposes. But I love it either way! Plus I got mine for free, with a coupon, so that’s always a bonus!

I picked out the watercolor design, so pretty! Here’s all the months! I can’t wait to use this all year.

Want one of your own!? You can win one, all you have to do is write a comment! Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email and a response on their comment. Drawing will end on Sunday, January 8th at 8:00pm central time. Winner received a coupon code for 1 Shutterfly wall calendar or 1 easel calendar. Good luck and happy commenting! {Giveaway closed, winner will be notified shortly.}


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9 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites | 24

  1. We’re laughing hard here. Pinky was won by poor Dan in a gag gift exchange at his brother’s house during our first Christmas together. So he gave it to little Ava, much to Calebs regret I am sure.. She must have been 3? It was definitely time to say goodbye to the pink enormity. Dan says he is delighted to have the pictures to remember her by…..HA. Love, Nancy and Dan

  2. Pinky is HUGE! I’m pretty sure my youngest would see him and run and scream. Haha. But that picture is adorable! Happy Belated Birthday to the hubby! Sounds like you pampered him all day. Good work! 🙂 And that calendar is so fun! I ordered some notebooks today and got excited. Haha. Happy Weekend!

  3. The story of Pinky is so funny! We have had several items around the house that I was grateful when my husband finally decided to get rid of. That calendar is really cute and I love the minimal design. I’m stopping by from High Five for Friday, and I’m glad to find your blog.

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